Dark energy

'Russian Doll' galaxy cluster decodes information about dark energy

'Russian Doll' galaxy cluster decodes information about dark energy

Astronomers have developed a powerful method for investigating dark energy by using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other optical telescopes.

Apr 29, 2016, 16:10 PM IST
Secrets of `dark universe` may soon be unraveled

Secrets of `dark universe` may soon be unraveled

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), whose construction officially began at a traditional stone-laying ceremony outside La Serena, Chile on April 14th, is slated to start scanning the heavens in 2022.

May 30, 2015, 16:39 PM IST

Breakthrough in measuring universe`s rate of expansion could help explain dark energy

Researchers have found a new way of using quasars to track the expanding universe, which the claim is the most precise measurement yet.

Apr 08, 2014, 14:52 PM IST

Three quarters of universe made up of mysterious dark energy, say cosmologists

Cosmologists believe that some three quarters of the universe are made up of a mysterious dark energy which would explain its accelerated expansion.

Mar 27, 2014, 15:35 PM IST

Dartmouth researchers claim there may be no dark energy

Dartmouth researchers have ruled out a controversial theory, claiming that the accelerating expansion of the universe is an illusion.

Nov 08, 2013, 16:17 PM IST

Race to solve mystery of dark energy begins

A handful of high-profile projects are trying to solve the mystery of dark energy, the unknown force that is believed to be causing the universe to expand faster and faster.

Aug 16, 2013, 12:25 PM IST

Higgs Boson key to resolving cosmological constant problem

One of the biggest mysteries in contemporary particle physics and cosmology that have baffled experts is as to why dark energy has a remarkably small (but not zero) value.

Aug 10, 2013, 16:03 PM IST

Exploding stars offer clues to dark energy

Observation of two bright exploding stars is improving the astronomical "tape measure" used to calculate the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, say scientists.

Feb 28, 2013, 18:09 PM IST

`Cosmic web stripping` could reveal missing dwarf galaxies

Galaxies and matter in the universe clump in an intricate network of filaments and voids, known as the cosmic web.

Feb 03, 2013, 19:08 PM IST

`Einstein was first to dream up dark energy`

In 1917, Einstein’s novel equations of space-time had geometric terms on the left and energy on the right.

Dec 11, 2012, 19:48 PM IST

Indian physicist questions physical reality of `Dark Energy`

A research paper by an Indian physicist has for the first time cast doubts on some of the fundamental hypotheses of the standard Big Bang model for the origin of the universe.

Dec 10, 2012, 17:36 PM IST

Galaxy clusters may solve `mystery of dark energy`

New work by a team of astronomers that has yielded exquisitely precise distances of a large sample of clusters may lead to breakthroughs in understanding the expansion history of our Universe and Dark Energy.

Nov 21, 2012, 18:56 PM IST

Universe could end in `big rip`

Depending on the properties of dark energy that makes up about 70 percent of the current content of the Universe, researchers have proposed several possible scenarios of the ultimate fate of our world.

Jul 23, 2012, 20:33 PM IST

How `dark energy` triggered expansion of Universe

Researchers have come up with a 3D map of the sky, which facilitates scientists to look into the time six billion years ago.

Apr 01, 2012, 14:02 PM IST

Universe expanding, driven by `dark energy`

The universe is expanding at exactly the speed Prof Albert Einstein has predicted - driven by "dark energy", says a new study.

Mar 30, 2012, 18:55 PM IST

Einstein`s `dark energy` indeed exists!

`Dark energy` is a concept first cast by Einstein in his original `Theory of General Relativity`.

May 20, 2011, 11:22 AM IST

`Expansion of universe due to dark energy`

Astronomers have confirmed the
mysterious dark energy as the most comprehensive evidence yet
for the accelerated expansion of the universe, based on a
study of nearly half a million galaxies using the Hubble Space

Mar 28, 2010, 17:52 PM IST

ESA missions to explore dark energy, habitable planets and Sun’s mysteries

Dark energy, habitable planets around other stars, and the mysterious nature of our own Sun, have been chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) as candidates for two medium-class missions to be launched by the year 2017.

Feb 20, 2010, 20:24 PM IST

Mapping 3D structure of Universe may shed new light on dark energy

Astronomers from the University of Arizona (UA) and 41 other institutions are beginning the most ambitious project yet to map the three-dimensional structure of the universe in a quest to understand dark energy.

Oct 02, 2009, 15:03 PM IST