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Smart light that tracks human behaviour

The new StarLight system has a wide range of practical applications, including virtual reality without on-body controllers and non-invasive real-time health monitoring. 

Unbelievable: Chimps shop like we do!

Unbelievable: Chimps shop like we do!

In a research conducted at Dartmouth College in the US, researchers have arrived at a conclusion that chimps too use their sensory powers to evaluate and choose figs.

Digital 'magic wand' to improve healthcare, cybersecurity

Digital 'magic wand' to improve healthcare, cybersecurity

One of the main challenges is that most people do not know how to set up and maintain a secure network in their home, which can lead to compromised or stolen data or potentially allow hackers access to critical devices such as heart rate monitors or dialysis machines.

Kennedy killer's photo authentic: Study

The findings refute continued claims that the photo was faked because Oswald's pose was physically implausible.

Arsenic levels higher in formula-fed babies: Study

Young babies who are fed formula have far higher levels of arsenic in their bodies than breast-fed infants, according to research released Monday.

Dartmouth researchers claim there may be no dark energy

Dartmouth researchers have ruled out a controversial theory, claiming that the accelerating expansion of the universe is an illusion.

Comet, not asteroid, killed dinosaurs 66 mn years ago

Most scientists agree that an asteroid impact killed off almost all the dinosaurs and some 70 percent of all other species living on Earth about 66 million years ago.

Now, smartphone app to alert drowsy drivers

Researchers have developed a smartphone app that warns drivers with a blinking light and noise alert if they appear distracted or drowsy behind the wheel.