Gaming apps can provide big data for researchers

Mobile-based games that are actually tests of cognition or other brain functions can offer researchers an exciting new means to gather inexpensive big data, say researchers.

Data on attacks on media to be maintained: Govt

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has begun collecting and maintaining specific data relating to attacks on media since January this year, the government said Wednesday.

EU sees progress in US data protection talks

The EU on Wednesday said the US had taken an "important step" in ongoing privacy protection talks by pledging new legislation to allow Europeans to sue over improper use of their personal data.

Online time capsule stores data for 30 years

A Greek firm is offering an online `time capsule` that will store up to 100GB of data for 30 years - and even the user cannot delete it.

Obama`s NSA overhaul may require phone carriers to store more data

President Barack Obama`s plan for overhauling the National Security Agency`s phone surveillance program could force carriers to collect and store customer data that they are not now legally obliged to keep, according to US officials.

Yahoo admits taking additional security measures to encrypt data

Yahoo has reportedly revealed that it has taken additional security measures in order to protect the data it handles and is also planning to encrypt additional services like Yahoo Messenger.

How Facebook avoided costly suits over hiring from rivals

Facebook Inc has emerged as one of the biggest Silicon Valley players not to have agreed with other technology companies to avoid poaching each other`s employees, saving the social-networking giant years of costly litigation.

`Big data` collection from Google can be misleading: Study

A significant research has put `big data` collections from platforms such as Google, Twitter and Facebook in the dock, stating that campaigns and companies can manipulate these platforms to ensure their products or issues are trending.

Europe passes new law safeguarding citizens` data

Europe has approved the new data protection law after politicians voted overwhelmingly in favour of new laws safeguarding citizens` data.

New research sheds light on how Twitter shapes public opinion

A group of researchers in China have reportedly deduced how Twitter, with its 241 million users tweeting out 500 million messages daily, shape public opinion.

Google working on offering 10 gigabits /per second Internet speed

Google is reportedly working on offering data transfer speeds of 10 gigabits per second as part of its project to develop `next generation` of the Internet.

Analyse this

Big Data has dramatically altered the information technology landscape globally. So if you evolve faster than technology and learn to tell your story efficiently and meaningfully with data you have struck it big , says Prachi Rege..

Goa:Pollution levels dipped since mining closure

Pollution levels in the iron ore belts of Goa dropped considerably after mining activity was banned in September last, bringing them within the permissible limits, according to the data placed before the Legislative Assembly.

Maharashtra to back up vital data outside state

A top official said that the Maharashtra govt would henceforth store "mirror images" of all vital documents and files outside the state.

Online searchers can help strangers make sense of data

People who have already processed online information to make sense of a subject can help strangers facing similar tasks.

Sony removes data posted by hackers

Sony`s customers` names and partial addresses stolen by hackers was posted online.

Data from NASA`s sky-mapping telescope released

The mission`s finds include more than 33,000 new asteroids floating between Mars and Jupiter.

Traffic police, transport department sharing data in Delhi

The Delhi transport department
and the city traffic police have begun the process of sharing
their database, including that on driving licenses and erring
drivers, a city court has been informed.

Just a click to all of Earth`s data!

Just at the click of a mouse button, you can now get all of Earth`s data.

Assess need for data before planning satellite launches: CAG

Expressing displeasure over
under-utilisation of remote-sensing satellites, government
auditor asked the Department of Space to assess the
requirement of data in various thematic areas before planning
and launching satellites.