Affleck, Chastain, Davis among Oscar presenters

Affleck, Chastain, Davis among Oscar presenters

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Kevin Hart, Shirley MacLaine, Chris Pine, Miles Teller and Naomi Watts will be presenters at this year's Oscars.

Pak says there was consensus among leadership on Davis issue

Days after suspected CIA contractor Raymond Davis was acquitted of double-murder charges.

Gilani rules out any “back-door solution” on Davis

Davis was arrested for shooting dead two Pakistanis on January 27 in Lahore.

US links sovereign immunity for Pasha to Davis case: Report

The US has linked sovereign immunity for ISI chief Shuja Pasha in a lawsuit filed by relatives of victims of the Mumbai attacks in a Brooklyn court to the diplomatic immunity for an American arrested for the Lahore double murder.

New York Times justifies withholding Davis’s links with CIA

Leading US newspaper `The New
York Times` has justified withholding information that Raymond
Davis, accused of murdering two persons in Pakistan, has links
with the CIA, saying that the disclosure could`ve led to his death.

`Court will decide Davis case as Obama steps in`

Pak PM said the fate of the US official, amid reports that Washington and Islamabad had come close to
resolving the stand-off over the issue.

Pakistan says US prisoner Davis has immunity

American jailed for shooting two Pakistanis has diplomatic immunity, the Pakistani government said.

Kerry heads to Pak to calm diplomatic tension

Senator John Kerry, a close
foreign policy aid of the US President, has left for a quick visit to Pakistan amidst strained bilateral ties after Islamabad refused to grant diplomatic immunity to a US official facing murder charge.

Qureshi paid the price for opposing Davis` immunity

SM Qureshi was dropped as Pak FM for not toeing the ruling
party`s line on Raymond Davis.

Pak did not consider evidence of Davis acting in defence: US

The US has again pressed for the
release of American official Raymond Davis, charged with murder, insisting that the authorities had not
considered eyewitness accounts and physical evidence that
showed he acted in self-defence.