How daydreaming can improve your task performance
How daydreaming can improve your task performance

A new study has revealed that daydreaming not just offers a welcome "mental escape" from boring tasks but it also helps in improving task performance.

`Daydream to be like Einstein, Newton`

Some of the most important scientific breakthroughs ever made by scientists including Einstein and Newton came about as the geniuses allowed their minds to wander, researchers say.

Dream vacation fantasies could lead to poor decision-making

Fantasizing about your dream vacation before they are possible could influence our decision-making down the line, as we tend to overlook the negatives, a new study has found.

`Wandering thoughts linked to sharper brains`

Often find yourself daydreaming while engaged in some work? Then, you probably have a pretty capable working memory, scientists say.

Daydreaming fills waking hours with misery

Daydreaming fills nearly half our waking hours with misery, say psychologists.

Workers` daydreaming peaks Tuesday

Holiday searches on the internet peak Tuesday, a research has found.