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170 dead pigs found in China river

At least 170 dead pigs have been retrieved from a river in China`s Qinghai province, authorities said Wednesday.

Over 12,000 dead pigs fished out of rivers in China

Bodies of over 12,000 dead pigs have been retrieved so far from the main waterbodies of China`s financial hub, Shanghai, and neighbouring Jiaxing.

Why Shanghai fears `The River`?

Shanghai residents are fretting over the quality of their drinking water supply.

1,200 dead pigs recovered from Shanghai river

A day after over 900 dead pigs were recovered from
Shanghai`s Huangpu river in China, authorities claimed to have fished out 1,200 pigs by Sunday afternoon and the source of the pigs was traced upstream, Xinhua reported.

900 dead pigs found in Shanghai river

Over 900 dead pigs were retrieved from Shanghai`s Huangpu river Saturday after a large number of bodies were found floating in the water, authorities said.