MJ`s children granted annual income of USD 8 million

King of Pop Michael Jackson`s children have been granted a total annual income of USD 8 million.

Conrad Murray cries after victorious AEG lawsuit verdict

Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted in Michael Jackson`s death, has revealed he cried tears of relief after the jury declared that the late singer`s concert promoter was not negligent of hiring him.

Katherine `devastated` after losing Michael Jackson`s death trial

Michael Jackson`s mother, Katherine, was reportedly left devastated after she lost the 1.5 billion-dollar lawsuit which claimed that the promoter of her son`s comeback concerts, AEG Live, was responsible for the pop singer`s death by hiring the doctor whose negligence killed him.

Michael Jackson`s mum `to testify again` in singer`s death trial

One of the concert promoter AEG Live`s lawyers has revealed that they will call back Michael Jackson`s mother, Katherine, to testify as its last witness in their defence of the wrongful-death lawsuit, on Monday.