Pyongyang seeks to discredit defector over recanted story

North Korea on Tuesday sought to discredit a prominent North Korean prison camp survivor who recently admitted inaccuracies in parts of his widely read story about horrific abuse in the country of his birth.

Prominent defector says North Korea has taken his father hostage

A prominent North Korean defector who has advocated UN action to stop the country`s human rights abuses said on Tuesday authorities have taken his father hostage in a campaign to discredit his story of survival and escape from a prison camp. 

North Korea to repatriate rare South Korean defector

North Korea said on Friday it would send home a South Korean man who entered the country illegally in a rare case of a defection to the impoverished communist state.

Syria defector shows war `torture` photos to US lawmakers

US lawmakers saw graphic images of the brutal conflict in Syria as an Army defector gave an eyewitness account of the horrors he was forced to photograph.

British fighters in Syria being taught jihadism: Defector

Al-Qaeda is training hundreds of British people fighting in Syria to become jihadists and urging them to carry out attacks when they return home, according to an interview with a defector published in today`s Daily Telegraph.

N Korean defector convicted of needle poison plot

The defector was arrested for
trying to kill another who regularly sent anti-Pyongyang
leaflets across the border.

Syrian troops make arrests in manhunt for defector

2,200 people have been killed since March as protesters take to the streets every week.

Army fights defectors near Damascus: Residents

The Arab League decided to send its Secretary-General to Damascus to push for reforms.

Defector promotes Korea unification message

Cho Myung-Chul fled North Korea in 1994 to show the world its regime was headed in wrong direction.

Libya names new foreign minister to replace defector

The Libyan diplomat Mussa Kussa, who defected to the West, has been replaced.

North Korea denies it tried to kill high-profile defector

North Korea Wednesday denied that it
had sent spies to kill a high-profile defector and vocal
critic of its leader Kim Jong-il, accusing South Korea of
fabricating the case to stoke hostilities against Pyongyang.

Seoul boosts security for top North Korea defector

South Korean police said on Wednesday it has
tightened security for a high-ranking North Korean defector
after authorities arrested two spies from the North for
plotting to assassinate him.

N Korea soldiers chased defector, warning shots fired: Seoul

Several North Korean soldiers crossed the border with South Korea this week in pursuit of a defecting colleague but retreated after warning shots were fired, Seoul`s military said on Thursday.