Earthquakes: Why Delhi-NCR is a high risk zone?

The early morning tremors in Delhi-NCR has once again highlighted the need to be get the teeming metropolis prepared for earthquakes, especially because the entire region lies in very sensitive Seismic Zone 4.

Four earthquakes rattle Delhi-NCR within three hours; no casualties

People in the national capital region were jolted out of sleep early on Tuesday after four slight-intensity quakes were felt within a span of three hours.

Earthquake kills 80 in Pakistan, creates new island in sea

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale hit Balochistan in southwesten Pakistan on Tuesday, US Geological Survey said.

Delhi earthquake: Tremors felt across NCR

The Delhi-National Capital Region was on Tuesday jolted by a major earthquake but no loss of life or damage to property was reported.

Tremors felt in India, no casualty reported

A major earthquake that originated on the Iran-Pakistan border jolted North India on Tuesday afternoon.

Low-intensity quake hits UP, Delhi

A low-intensity earthquake jolted Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring areas early Tuesday.

Amitabh Bachchan recalls his ‘quake’ moment

North India felt quake tremors of medium intensity on Monday afternoon at around 1 pm. But news of the jolt reached far and wide within seconds. As many feared experiencing earthquake again, our very own Amitabh Bachchan recalled his “quake” moment on Twitter.

Mild tremors felt in North India, no casualties

A mild earthquake, measuring 4.9 on the Richter Scale, hit Delhi and the National Capital Region on Monday.

Earthquake jolts Delhi and adjacent areas

No casualty was reported from anywhere in northern India as an earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale hit the region overnight.