Untreated gum problems may lead to organ failure, cancer

Do your parents nag you to brush your teeth before going to bed and after meals? If yes, then pay heed to their words as it can save you from the terrible consequences six-year-old Shivam Vatsayan had to face only because he skipped brushing his teeth.

Now, smart toothbrush that `can track and improve your dental hygiene`

A French startup has developed a product that it claims is designed to outsmart your doctor.

Urine may help regrow lost teeth

Stem cells obtained from urine could one day allow humans to regrow lost teeth, scientists claim.

Keep teeth clean to ward off stroke risk

Regular dental hygiene visits and taking preventive measures to maintain good oral hygiene can help prevent conditions that can lead to a stroke, research has revealed.

Emmi-dent 100 pct ultrasound toothbrush launched in India

Mention the word Ultrasound and one associates it with applications in medicine sonography, echocardiography, brain, heart and stomach exams. One imagines experts in lab coats administrating tests on big, expensive machines in big hospitals.

Komodo dragon’s terrible dental hygiene behind poisonous bite

Scientists have revealed that the unlikely secret of the incredible killing power of the Komodo Dragon is down to poor dental hygiene.

Poor dental hygiene ups endocarditis risk for heart disease patients

Patients with congenital heart disease floss, brush and visit the dentist less than their peers.