`Daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes can reduce diabetes risk`

According to a study conducted by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the number of Indians suffering from this disease is expected to cross 100 million mark by 2030.

Over 50 percent diabetics may develop heart diseases: Study

Over 50 percent of diabetes patients in India are at the risk of developing heart diseases, while 63 percent are at risk of getting microvascular complications, a study revealed Wednesday.

Myth or fact: Is Hibiscus the new drug to cure diabetes naturally?

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New Delhi: Diabetes has become a common disease these days just like any other whacky flu, cough and cold. Life is certainly not easy for a diabetic as one has to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout, since there is no cure for the disease.

`Lung disease linked to diabetes under-diagnosed in India`

An infectious lung disease - melioidosis - which is linked to diabetics is grossly under-diagnosed in India, according to a British expert.

Researchers find evidence of insulin-secreting cells that can regenerate

Researchers have found proof that the insulin-secreting beta cells of the pancreas, which are either killed or become dysfunctional in the two main forms of diabetes, have the capacity to regenerate.

New pathway connected to Type 2 diabetes discovered

Scientists have discovered a cellular pathway that is responsible for keeping blood sugar levels low in obese or pre- diabetic people, and may prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

15 to 20 pc prevalence rate of diabetes in urban areas: Report

Prevalence rates of diabetes are 15 to 20 per cent in urban areas and about half of it in rural areas, according to a government report.

People in socioeconomically deprived areas likelier to suffer from diabetes and obesity

Researchers have claimed that living in a socioeconomically deprived region is a risk factor for being affected by diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Technology useful in preventing diabetes, says Kerala-based expert

Technology plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It can also be beneficial and cost effective in the prevention of major illnesses like diabetes.

Sugar contents in fruit juice increases risk of diabetes

A new study has revealed that fruit juice could be as bad for you as fizzy drinks as it increases the risk of diabetes.

Seven new genetic regions linked to type 2 diabetes identified

Researchers have linked seven new genetic regions to type 2 diabetes.

Now, a blood test that can detect early diabetes risk

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have revealed a simple blood test that can help detect the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by an individual at an early stage.

Eat dark chocolate to keep diabetes at bay

A new research has revealed that indulging in dark chocolate treats can actually help ward off diabetes.

New US report links more diseases, health problems to smoking

Smoking - known to cause lung cancer and heart disease - can even trigger diabetes, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, blindness and liver cancer, according to a new US report released today which also found that modern cigarettes are more dangerous than ever.

Two new studies shed light on nature of insulin-producing cells in diabetes

Two new studies have shown how insulin-producing cells may fail in diabetes and how they might someday be restored.

Dysfunction in single gene could lead to diabetes

Researchers including an Indian-origin researcher have found that dysfunction in a single gene causes fasting hyperglycemia, which is one of the major symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Five reasons why you should eat oranges

A rich source of Vitamin C and packed with antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fibre oranges are said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and anti-oxidant properties.

Top 5 reasons to indulge in a chocolate treat

Dark chocolate is power packed with health benefits and when taken in moderation can actually help keep your heart healthy, improve brain power and even help maintain a slimmer figure.

New breathalyzers may make painful pin pricks history for diabetics

Researchers have developed a breathalyzer that may help control blood sugar by measuring the amount of acetone in the breath.

Myth or fact: Does consuming too much sugar cause diabetes?

A common myth which is generally associated with this lifestyle disease is that consuming too much sugar causes diabetes.