Light walking can lower blood pressure in diabetics

The parallel lowering in norepinephrine levels are also an intriguing candidate in relation to the blood pressure.

Indian study on treating diabetics with heart ailments gets global recognition

 A path-breaking Indian clinical trial is making the world medical fraternity to take a re-look at the treatment of diabetics with heart ailments.

Early insulin treatment beneficial for diabetics

The current standard of care calls for initial treatment with oral therapies that suppress glucose production by the liver.

Diabetics should `dine with wine` to keep heart healthy

Drinking red wine with dinner may improve the heart health of people with Type 2 diabetes as a recent study has suggested so.

Newly found 'insulin-producing' pancreatic cells offer hope to diabetics

A team of researchers has found potential source of insulin-producing cells in the adult human pancreas, offering new hope to diabetics.

Serious liver disease goes 'unnoticed' in type 2 diabetes patients

A new research has revealed that Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NFLD) is a frequent finding problem in type 2 diabetes patients, but most of the time either this is neglected or goes unnoticed.

Over half of Asian Americans suffering from hidden diabetes: Report

Almost half of Asian Americans are suffering from undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes - highest among all ethnic and racial subgroups studied in the US - that mostly results from sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, reveals a research.

How diabetes is linked to Alzheimer's

As per a recent research, diabetics are at higher risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease.

How texting can help diabetics manage insulin doses

 A new study has revealed that texting can help diabetics with low-income to manage their insulin doses.

Indian scientist sheds light on new treatment for heart disease in diabetics

In a breakthrough discovery, an Indian scientist has found new treatment for heart disease in diabetics by targeting a key protein.

'Insulin pump therapy' slashes half the risk of death by heart attack

 For all the diabetics, it's time to start using insulin pump, as researchers claim that this therapy has 50 percent less risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who take insulin by injections.

Don't need additional funding, just good policies to provide quality healthcare: Devi Shetty

 Famous for providing affordable heart care to thousands, eminent cardiac surgeon Devi Prasad Shetty feels India can become the first country in the world to prove that healthcare can be de-linked from affluence.

Diabetic? Don't skip breakfast

 Diabetics who skip breakfast may have elevated blood sugar levels throughout the day, warns new research.

Ultrasound speeds up healing among diabetics, elderly

Healing times for skin ulcers and bedsores particularly among diabetics and the elderly can be reduced by a third with the use of low-intensity ultrasound, a study says.

Diabetes drug may help obese people lose fat

 A drug originally meant for diabetics may help obese individuals without diabetes shed weight and also keep it off, suggests a research.

Implantable artificial pancreas to replace jabs for diabetics

An implantable artificial pancreas for diabetics has been developed that continuously measures a person's glucose level and can automatically release insulin as needed.

Google's smart contact lens may arrive sooner than thought

Google's smart contact lens that will measure glucose levels in diabetics by analysing their tears may be on the market before 2019.

Here's how exercise can benefit diabetics

If a person is diabetic but does exercise, then according to a new study they can shed kilos from their waist, lose body fat and can even control blood glucose. 

Little extra fat good for diabetics

Being a bit on the heavier side may not be that bad for diabetics as researchers have found that patients with Type-2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese live longer than those who are underweight or normal-weight.

Avoid one sugary drink a day to cut diabetes risk

Replacing one serving of a sugary drink daily with either water or unsweetened tea or coffee can lower the risk of developing diabetes by up to 25 percent, says a research.