Nick Cannon flaunted $2 million diamond encrusted shoes
Nick Cannon flaunted $2 million diamond encrusted shoes

Nick Cannon, host of ‘America's Got Talent’, flaunted a pair of diamond encrusted shoes worth $2 million on the finale of season nine of the reality show.

International diamond thief detained in Switzerland: Interpol

A suspected Chinese jewellery thief accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of diamonds across the world has been arrested in Switzerland during another robbery, Interpol said Friday.

These X-rays locate diamonds hidden deep in rocks

German researchers have developed a unique X-ray technique that brightens the prospects of locating diamonds hidden deep in rocks.

Diamonds could help make computers faster, more powerful

Researchers have conducted experiment to find the potential of diamond`s potential in computing.

Lawrence wore $2 mn necklace at Oscars

Actress Jennifer Lawrence sported a backwards diamond necklace worth $2 million at the 86th Academy Awards.

Rihanna is the ultimate fantasy: Drake

Rapper Drake says even though R&B star Rihanna is his ultimate fantasy, the two are nothing more than just friends.

Luxury with literature - PC Jeweller`s Diwali offering

Ahead of the Diwali festivities, jewellery brand PC Jeweller (PCJ) has reworked one of its flagship stores here by introducing a new concept - Luxury with Literature - lounge for its customers.

It may be raining diamonds in Jupiter and Saturn!

Scientists have claimed that Jupiter and Saturn just might be filled to the brim with diamonds.

`Apocalyptic` comet struck Earth 28 million years ago

Scientists have found the first-ever comet material on Earth - a black pebble filled with diamonds - left behind when an `apocalyptic` comet exploded over modern-day Egypt, 28 million years ago.

Sport diamond jewellery for festivals

Diamonds and the festive season form the perfect cocktail for a woman.

Fans livid with Rihanna`s `slurry lip-synching` Singapore concert

Rihanna`s fans slammed her performance at the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore for being `disappointing`, on Twitter.

Get over mindblocks about jewellery

Have you found yourself mulling over which jewellery to buy - gold or silver? Or over when to wear which piece?

Diamonds worth Rs 3.91 cr go missing in Mumbai

City police registered a case of theft after diamonds worth Rs 3.91 crore that were to be exported to Belgium went missing from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Man carrying 26,000 diamonds detained at Russian airport

A Russian citizen attempting to smuggle 26,000 diamonds, worth a staggering USD 162,000, into the country has been arrested at the Moscow airport.

$50 mn diamond heist at Brussels airport

In one of the most daring heists ever, eight men made off with diamonds worth 50 million dollars from the hold of a plane at the Brussels International Airport.

Planets hold billion of tonnes of diamonds

Recent findings have revealed that some stars in the Milky Way could be harbouring carbon super earths -- gigantic planets completely bereft of life but potentially holding billions of tonnes of diamond.

162 diamonds found in Tirupati hundi

World’s richest temple became richer after an unidentified devotee made an offering of 162 diamonds to Lord Venkateshwara.

The new ‘miracle’ face serum that’s more expensive than diamonds

An anti-ageing serum that has won its makers the award for physiology and medicine is more expensive than diamonds.

65 diamonds recovered from Opera House site

As many as 65 diamonds, estimated to
be worth Rs 25 crore, have been recovered from the Opera House
blast site by rescue workers while cleaning the streets strewn
with debris.

Diamonds worth Rs 12 lakh looted from delivery man

Unidentified persons on Wednesday looted diamonds worth Rs 12 lakh from a man travelling in a
state transport bus near Jetpur town of the district, police