Common painkiller with anti-cancer properties identified

Diclofenac - a well-known cost-effective painkiller - has the potential to cut down the risk of post-surgical spread of cancer.

Restrict Diclofenac package to save vultures: Ministry

Restrict Diclofenac package to save vultures: Ministry

The environment ministry has called for restricting the use of painkiller drug Diclofenac to a "single dose" package for humans to avoid its misuse for veterinary purposes and thereby cause a steep decline in the vulture population, an official statement said on Friday.

For taking toll on vulture numbers, govt bans cattle drug vial

Alarmed by the "steep" decline in the vulture population in India and to protect the bird from "extinction", the government has banned the multidose vial of anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, which is used for cattle.

Are surgical care products posing a risk to your health?

53 samples were taken for testing across hospitals, out of which, four products seem to have failed the test.

Centre asked to check misuse of banned Diclofenac

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked the union health and family welfare ministry to set up a committee to monitor the misuse of banned Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug, in animal in India.

Eagles facing threat from diclofenac

Steppe Eagles may soon disappear like vultures as the raptor species has been found to be under threat from killer veterinary drug diclofenac.

Two more vulture species under threat from veterinary painkiller diclofenac

A new study suggests that the veterinary painkiller diclofenac could be the reason behind the drastic decline in the number of vulture species such as Red-headed and Egyptian Vulture.

Plan to release Asian vulture into the wild by 2016 underway

A project hopes to start releasing captive-bred birds into the wild by 2016, after experiencing the devastation wrought by a drug on Asian vulture populations.

Banned drug continues to kill Indian vultures

A scientific study has shown that seven years after the pain killer Diclofenac was banned by the central government for veterinary use due to its fatal effect on vultures.

Diclofenac still a major threat for vultures

Human formulations of the drug Diclofenac banned for veterinary use are still being illegally used to treat cattle, posing a grave danger to the already critically-endangered vulture population, say experts.

Topical NSAIDs can help relieve arthritis pain

Applying topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) — in the form of creams, gels and patches — can provide relief from the pain associated osteoarthritis of the knees or hands, concludes a new review by The Cochrane Library.

Terai region to be made diclofenac-free zone for vultures

Diclofenac is a restricted drug, banned by the government in 2006 for veterinary uses.

Veterinary medicine killing vultures in India: Ministry

Diclofenac is the "major cause"
behind the rapidly declining vulture numbers in the country,
the government said Friday.