75m-yr-old fossilized dino 'blood' discovered

 May be sounding like 'Jurassic World' but it's true that researchers have discovered 75-million-year-old red blood cells and proteins inside fossilized dinosaur bones.

First dinosaur fossils dating back 72 mn years found in Saudi Arabia

An international team of scientists from have now uncovered the first record of dinosaurs from Saudi Arabia, which are exceptionally rare in the Arabian Peninsula.

Dinosaur fossils unearthed in China

Chinese archaeologists have found more than 130 dinosaur fossils at a site in China`s Shandong province.

How plant-eating dinosaurs co-existed millions of years ago

A new study helps answer a long-standing question in palaeontology, as to how numerous species of large, plant-eating dinosaurs could co-exist successfully over geological time.

1st feathered dinosaur fossils found in Canada

In a `monstrous` discovery, scientists in Canada have unearthed the first fossils of a feathered dinosaur ever found in the Americas.

Leisurely sea diving hurt dinos

Dinosaur-like creatures may have scarred themselves during leisurely deep-sea diving and not from resurfacing too quickly, as previously believed.

New fossil reveals evolutionary history of Jurassic dinosaurs

New fossil material found in Patagonia has shed light on the evolution of dinosaurs in the Jurassic age.

Dinosaur fossils

Scientists have found the fossilised remains of a carnivorous dinosaur in Argentina, officials said.