China's Xi visit to India sets tone for future relations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spend his 64th birthday Wednesday at a private dinner with Xi Jinping in his home state of Gujarat, as the Chinese president begins a visit that will set the tone for relations between Asia`s rival superpowers.

China`s Xi heads to Sri Lanka seeking to boost ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping will on Tuesday begin his first state visit to Sri Lanka, seeking to bolster already strong ties with the island just days after Japan`s prime minister launched a rival bid for influence.

Health issues should find place in diplomacy: Harsh Vardhan

Issues related to health should find a permanent place in international diplomacy, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Friday.

Australia PM to sign long-awaited nuclear fuel deal with India

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he wanted first-rank relations with India as he looked to sign a long-awaited nuclear energy deal with his conservative counterpart Narendra Modi on Friday.

Obama sending Kerry to Cairo for talks: White House

President Barack Obama expressed concern over the loss of life in Gaza in a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday, and said Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Cairo to seek an end to the fighting.

Greece says EU presidency proves it is `normal`

Greece on Monday wrapped up its leadership of the rotating EU presidency by claiming the six-month stint had proved it was a "normal country" capable of managing its finances.

British PM ready to `do business` with Juncker

Britain`s David Cameron faces parliament on Monday over his failure to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the next president of the European Commission, insisting he could "do business" with him to win concessions from the EU.

US believes must engage in active, aggressive Iran diplomacy

The United States believes that it needs to pursue active and aggressive diplomacy with Iran to determine whether a diplomatic solution on Tehran`s nuclear program is achievable, a senior US administration official said.

Taiwan `shocked` as Gambia cuts diplomatic ties

Gambia is the first country to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan since President Ma Ying-jeou took office in 2008 on a China-friendly platform.

Myanmar establishes diplomatic ties with Armenia

Armenia is the first country that Myanmar forged links in the new year of 2013 after Malawi, Bhutan, Luxembourg, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland in 2012.

Though ready to invade Gaza, Israel says it prefers diplomacy

Despite of bombarding as many as 80 locations in the narrow Gaza enclave overnight, Israel said that it prefers a diplomatic solution.

Iran N-issue should be dealt through diplomacy: PM

PM Manmohan Singh on Friday said the Iran n-issue issue should be dealt with
diplomatically as he discussed it with US President Barack

Israel credits diplomacy for flotilla delays

Israel`s Foreign Minister credited Israeli diplomatic efforts for the delays that have kept an aid flotilla from setting sail for Gaza.

NATO hits Gaddafi compound, diplomacy heats up

Russia`s envoy to Libya turned up at
a bombing site while on a visit to Tripoli for talks on ending the civil war.

Diplomacy takes centre stage in Libyan conflict

An AU delegation will present a blueprint for an end to Libyan crisis.

Cricket and diplomacy should be kept separate: BJP

BJP said cricket and diplomacy
between India and Pakistan should be kept separate and the
game allowed to remain a game.

`Leaked cables are exchanges culled out from diplomatic bag`

India on Monday said the leaked
American diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks are set of exchanges
"culled out from the diplomatic bag" which were getting "wide
publicity" in the country.

UN chief says he learnt `diplomacy` in India

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said that he had learnt "diplomacy" in India, which was his first posting nearly four decades ago.

Diplomacy stalemate over North Korea`s nuclear programme

A South Korean envoy said China does not back efforts to punish North at UN.

‘Blair`s ex-adviser to teach diplomacy to Kate’

Prince William`s fiancee Kate Middleton is to get diplomacy lessons from Tony Blair`s ex-adviser.