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Bangladesh upgrades diplomatic mission in Agartala

Bangladesh has upgraded its diplomatic mission in Agartala to an assistant high commission and posted Sakhawat Hussain as the first assistant high commissioner to further boost bilateral relations, a Bangladesh official said on Monday.

Norway child row: Indian couple face jail for scolding son

An Indian couple in Norway has been remanded to custody over fear that they will evade prosecution by returning to India, a report said.

Anti-US protest: Egypt’s President calls for calm

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has criticised a film mocking Prophet Mohammad, but has also warned that he will order a crackdown on protesters.

‘Infiltrators’ tipped-off US consulate attack militants

The attack on the US consulate in Libya was pre-planned by heavily-armed militants, a senior Libyan security official has said.

‘Libya was exactly where Stevens wanted to be’

The mother of slain US envoy to Libya, Chris Stevens, has said he wanted to be posted in that volatile nation.

Egypt`s Brotherhood calls off nationwide demonstrations

Egypt`s ruling Muslim Brotherhood on Friday cancelled nationwide demonstrations, except for a symbolic protest at the iconic Tahrir Square against a film deemed offensive to Islam.

US won’t cut aid to Egypt in wake of protests

US President Barack Obama said during an interview that Egypt was neither an ally nor an enemy.

WikiLeaks links Benghazi attack to Assange case

The whistleblowing website issued a tweet suggesting that America had given ‘tacit approval’ to the threats from the UK Foreign Office.

UN chief slams `hateful film`, calls for calm

Angry demonstrations against anti-Islam film reportedly made in the US have spread to several countries across Middle East and North Africa.

Clashes outside US embassy in Cairo leave 200 injured

Some 200 people were injured in clashes outside the US embassy located in the Egyptian capital, said an official related to ambulance service.

Putin condemns attack on US diplomats in Libya

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged governments to react strongly and timely to provocations against people`s religious sentiments.

Libya makes arrests over US consulate attack

Libyan authorities have arrested several people in connection with the attack on the US envoy and three other American officials in Benghazi.

US initiates massive probe into Benghazi attack

The US has launched a massive probe to find out who was behind the attack in Benghazi that resulted in the killing of US ambassador to Libya.

Libyan attacks said to be 2-part militant assault

The attack that killed four Americans in Libya was an organised two-part operation by heavily-armed militants, a Libyan security official said.

US warns of more violence over anti-Islam video

"Innocence of Muslims" got more notice recently after Egyptian television aired segments and anti-Islam activists promoted it online.

US envoy to Libya, 3 others killed; Obama vows justice

US envoy to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three more American staff were killed in attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

Shooting of US embassy car accidental: Lawyer

Mexican federal police shot at a US diplomatic car as they chased criminals south of Mexico City on Friday.

Mexico shooting: Two US govt employees injured

The Toyota sport utility vehicle was riddled with bullets, most concentrated around the passenger-side window.

Assange appears in public, tells US to end witch-hunt

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared in public for the first time since he took refuge inside Ecuador`s embassy in London two months ago.

Assange`s extradition fight touches £1 mn mark for Brits

The staggering total is made up of legal, policing and court costs run up over two years as Julian Assange fought to avoid extradition to Sweden.