Dolphin found dead in Tamil Nadu

A 4-foot-long dolphin was found washed ashore in the district Tuesday, forest officials said.

Dead dolphin spotted in Bangladesh's oil spilled river
Dead dolphin spotted in Bangladesh's oil spilled river

First dead dolphin was spotted in the Harinatana-Tambulbunia channel of Shela river in Bangladesh on Saturday, after the massive oil spill earlier this week.

Breath test enough to reveal disease in dolphins
Breath test enough to reveal disease in dolphins

Researchers have developed an instrument that can analyse specific compounds called metabolites in dolphin breath to diagnose and monitor problems in them.

We're not complacent going into the match, says Gautam Gambhir
We're not complacent going into the match, says Gautam Gambhir

 Their place in the semifinal already assured ahead of today's encounter, Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir said there was no place for complacency in their inconsequential final Group A match of the Oppo Champions League Twenty20 against Dolphins here.

New river dolphin species discovered

The species was discovered from the Araguaia River basin of Brazil and researchers propose that it be called the Araguaian Boto, or Boto-do-Araguaia.

New species of dolphin discovered in Australia

A new species of humpback dolphin has been discovered swimming in the waters off the northern coast of Australia.

New dolphin inspired radar system to help detect hidden explosives

Scientists have invented a new radar system that is inspired by the way dolphins hunt using bubble nets.

Now, dolphin-assisted childbirth trending among expectant couples

Dolphin-assisted childbirth is an option that some expectant parents are embracing, claiming it is a more natural, relaxing way to deliver a baby.

Centre bans setting up of dolphinariums

The Centre has nipped in the bud plans of three states to set up dolphinariums to attract tourists.

Dolphin stampede video goes viral

An incredible video of 1,000 dolphins stampeding past a California tour boat like a herd of wild horses has gone viral, getting nearly one million views after it was posted on the web.

Dolphin`s hearing compound found in insects

A hearing system compound hitherto thought exclusive to dolphins has been discovered in a large group of insects, including crickets and grasshoppers, researchers say.

How dolphins can stay awake for 15 days

Dolphins sleep with only one half of their brains at a time - a trait that allows them to stay constantly alert for at least 15 days in a row.

Population of Ganges River Dolphin on the decline

Population of Ganges River Dolphin has declined from 6000 in 1982 to less than 1800 due to construction of dams and water pollution.

`Dolphins form elite societies and cliques`

Dolphins form cliques and elite societies based on their skills, sharing knowledge only with those in their circle, scientists have claimed.

Dolphins have `brainy` genes like humans

Researchers have found that genetic similarities exist between dolphins, humans and other brainy animals.

A device to communicate with dolphins!

Scientists have developed a new dolphin speaker device which they say could help one talk with these remarkably intelligent mammals.

Asia`s first dolphin research centre to come up in Bihar

With only about 2,000 Gangetic river dolphins left in India, Bihar government is planning to set up Asia`s first research centre.

Hundreds of dead dolphins wash ashore in Peru

At least 264 dead bottlenose dolphins have washed ashore over the past three days on Peru`s northern coast.

Man writes book on sex with dolphin

Brenner`s book, Wet Goddess: Recollection of a dolphin lover, recounts his love affair with a female dolphin named Ruby.

New dolphin species discovered in Australia

Researchers in Australia have discovered that dolphin colonies living around Melbourne are a species unlike any other in the world, they revealed on Thursday.