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No carry-on liquids at Moscow airports for Olympics

All carry-on liquids will be banned at Moscow`s three international airports ahead of next month`s Winter Olympics in Sochi for security concern, the Russian flight authority posted the decision Wednesday.

`Moscow bomber hesitated, blown up by remote`

The suicide bomber could have
been blown through a remote control by one of his accomplices.

Moscow airport bombers trained in Pakistan: Report

The suicide squad made up of three women and one man had spent time in Pakistan and Iran.

US video game behind Russian bomb attack!

The blast at Domodedovo Airport has sparked hot debate on the stuff of a popular American video game `Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2`, sold worldwide.

Afghan police officers start anti-drug training in Domodedovo

A group of eleven police
officers from Afghanistan will be trained to effectively
combat drug trafficking during a two-week OSCE-organized
course that begins today in Domodedovo according to the
(OSCE) press service.