Ukraine rushes to evacuate children as new clashes hit war zone

Ukrainian authorities rushed to evacuate children from parts of the war zone Monday in the wake of a deadly rocket attack on the port city of Mariupol and as fresh clashes hit the country`s east.

Rockets kill 10 after rebels reject Ukraine truce

At least 10 people died Saturday when rockets pelted a market in a vital port linking Ukrainian rebel lands with Russian-occupied Crimea after the pro-Moscow insurgents vowed to grab more land.

10 killed in rocket attack on Ukraine's Mariupol: Police

At least 10 people died on Saturday when heavy rockets fell on residential districts of Ukraine's strategic government-held port of Mariupol in the wake of Russian-backed rebels' rejection of peace talks.

Pro-Russian rebels reject Ukraine peace deal, launch offensive
Pro-Russian rebels reject Ukraine peace deal, launch offensive

Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine rejected a previously signed peace deal and announced a new multi-pronged offensive against Ukrainian government troops.

Indians urged to leave Ukraine's Lugansk, Donetsk areas as security deteriorates
Indians urged to leave Ukraine's Lugansk, Donetsk areas as security deteriorates

The Ministry of External Affairs on Friday 'strongly urged' Indians, especially students, to leave Ukraine's strife-torn Donetsk and Lugansk regions in view of the deteriorating security situation there.

Ukraine cedes airport on one of bloodiest days of war

Ukrainian forces on Thursday ceded a long-disputed airport to Russian-backed rebels as an upsurge in clashes killed nearly 50 people and punctured Europe`s latest push for peace in the nine-month war.

Ukraine partially withdraws troops from Donetsk airport

The Ukrainian government has partially withdrawn troops from Donetsk airport after months of bitter fighting with independence-seeking insurgents, a defence ministry statement said Thursday.

Pro-Russian rebels parade Ukrainian POWs through Donetsk

Pro-Russian separatists Thursday paraded around 20 captive Ukrainian soldiers through the streets of the rebel stronghold city of Donetsk in a humiliating display hours after 13 people died in a horrendous trolleybus shelling.

Bloody bus attack in Ukraine as troops abandon airport
Bloody bus attack in Ukraine as troops abandon airport

Shelling hit a trolleybus in war-torn east Ukraine`s Donetsk on Thursday and killed at least 13 people, an official said, hours after peace talks in Berlin called for a ceasefire.

Ukraine soldiers pull out of main part of Donetsk airport: Kiev

 Ukraine`s military on Thursday said it had withdrawn its forces from the main part of a disputed airport in rebel-held Donetsk after months of bloody fighting.

10 killed in fresh clashes in Ukraine

At least 10 people were killed and dozens wounded in fresh clashes between Ukrainian troops and independence-seeking forces in Ukraine`s restive east, media reports said on Wednesday.

`Russian forces` attack Ukraine troops in separatist east

Ukraine on Tuesday accused Russian forces of attacking its soldiers after crossing over into the ex-Soviet state`s war-wrecked separatist east in violation of a September truce deal.

Ukraine airport battle intensifies, Russia against peace talks

Russian-backed insurgents on Tuesday assaulted the remnants of a Ukrainian force hanging onto a ruined airport near the rebels` main stronghold as Moscow poured cold water on the prospect of peace talks.

Ukraine PM says Russia sending troops, tanks to help rebels
Ukraine PM says Russia sending troops, tanks to help rebels

As Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian rebels continue to be mired in an intense conflict with heavy artillery fire being exchanged around Donetsk airport, concerns over civilians getting caught up in the crossfire have mounted.

14 killed in fighting in east Ukraine

At least 14 people were killed and over 100 others wounded in eastern Ukraine as hostilities between government forces and pro-independence insurgents continued, reports said on Monday.

Civilians under threat as Ukraine clashes flare

Deadly clashes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels threatened civilians in central Donetsk on Monday, with shelling hitting a hospital and warnings of insurgents launching attacks from residential areas

More clashes near Donetsk airport, three Ukrainian soldiers killed: Kiev

Pro-Russian separatists and government forces clashed near the main airport in Donetsk on Monday after a counter-offensive on Sunday by Ukrainian troops to reclaim lost ground and the Kiev military said three Ukrainian soldiers had been killed.

Ukraine ''rejects'' Putin's weaponry withdrawal proposal

 Ukraine "rejected" Russian President Vladimir Putin`s weaponry withdrawal proposal after he tried to ask parties involved in the Ukraine crisis to peacefully settle the matter.

Ukraine says tank offensive pushing rebels from airport

Ukraine rushed tanks to the front lines and claimed on Sunday to have cleared pro-Russian rebels from most of Donetsk airport after days of intense fighting, with heavy shelling shaking the key eastern city.

Ukraine leader vows to retake separatist-held east

Ukraine's president vowed today to reassert government control over eastern regions as the army unleashed a counter-offensive against Russian-backed separatist fighters vying for command over the airport in the city of Donetsk.