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Meet the most adorable video-bomber: This young girl with down syndrome steals the show during a live newscast! - Watch

Down syndrome is a common genetic birth defects which causes delays in child's physical and mental development.

Gene associated with Down syndrome, diabetes recognised

This gene can cause defects in insulin secretion in people with Type-2 diabetes and Down syndrome as well.

Asthma may increase odds for nearsightedness at young age

Keratoconus makes the rounded, clear covering of the eye, called the cornea, weak, which leads it to become cone-shaped over time. 

When Amitabh Bachchan met his 'special fan' on TV show!

When Amitabh Bachchan met his 'special fan' on TV show!

The 'special' child gave a cute little peck to the megastar towards the end!

Down syndrome linked to cortex thickness: Study

On average, cortex is thicker in youth with Down Syndrome than in typically developing youth, even though the overall volume of the cortex is lower in those with Down Syndrome, new brain-imaging research says.

Coping with a Down Syndrome child

Parents of children born with Down Syndrome often struggle to cope with the baffling new realities of their lives and among the biggest challenges they have to overcome is acceptance.

One among 1000 live births in India has 'Down Syndrome': Govt

One case of 'Down Syndrome' is reported among every 1000 live births in India and a provision has been made for initiating early intervention for the management of the genetic disorder, government told Rajya Sabha Tuesday.

Survey in 5 states reveals poor state of biomedical gear at public health centres

A survey conducted in five states of the country has revealed that between 30 to 63 per cent of biomedical equipments at public health facilities are dysfunctional, government informed Lok Sabha Friday.

Thailand bans surrogacy for foreigners in bid to end 'rent-a-womb' tourism

Thailand`s interim parliament has passed a law that bans foreigners from seeking surrogacy services to end a "rent-a-womb" industry that made the Southeast Asian country a top destination for fertility tourism.

Why Down syndrome leads to Alzheimer's disease

By the age of 40, nearly 100 percent of all individuals with Down syndrome develop changes in the brain associated with Alzheimers disease and researchers have now established the link behind the two disorders. 

Thai military government moves to outlaw commercial surrogacy

Thailand`s military government gave preliminary approval on Wednesday for a draft law to make commercial surrogacy a criminal offence, following a spate of dramatic surrogacy scandals in the past two weeks.

Australians in surrogacy scandal offered to take Down syndrome baby: Agent

The agent who brokered a surrogacy deal for an Australian couple at the centre of a scandal that left a Thai mother caring for a baby with Down syndrome said on Wednesday the couple had offered to take the boy home with them along with his twin sister.

Thai authorities to probe surrogacy clinics amid Down case controversy

Authorities in Thailand are to inspect all the clinics in the country offering surrogacy services to see if they are operating within the law after a Thai woman who carried twins for an Australian couple was left caring for a baby with Down Syndrome. 

Thailand examining legality of surrogacy service clinics

Thailand is examining the legality of surrogacy service clinics and doctors who perform the procedures after a recent case in which a baby with Down syndrome was allegedly abandoned by his Australian parents.

`I will never abandon` Down`s baby says Thai surrogate

The Thai surrogate mother of a baby born with Down Syndrome vowed Monday to "never abandon" him after the Australian parents reportedly refused to care for the child.

Australia may intervene in surrogate baby case

Australia`s government is considering intervening in the case of a baby with Down syndrome who was left with a Thai surrogate mother by his Australian biological parents, with a minister saying today that the child might be entitled to Australian citizenship.

Australia queries `moral responsibility` over abandoned Down`s baby

Australia`s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said Sunday a question of "moral responsibility" should determine the fate of a baby born with Down Syndrome, reportedly abandoned by an Australian couple.

Fears of Australia surrogacy ban over abandoned Down Syndrome baby

Reports that an Australian couple abandoned a baby with his surrogate mother in Thailand because he has Down Syndrome have raised fears Australia will ban international surrogacy, a support group said Saturday.

Decoded: Why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs

Scientists have revealed, for the first time, the mystery behind why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs.

Decoded: Why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs

Scientists have revealed, for the first time, the mystery behind why chromosome errors are high in women`s eggs.