`Downfall` director joins biopic of Nazi resistance fighter

Oliver Hirschbiegel, director of the Oscar-nominated Hitler drama `Downfall`, has signed on to direct an upcoming biopic on lesser-known Nazi resistance fighter Georg Elser.

`Hitler` actor Bruno Ganz set to play Pope on TV

Swiss actor Bruno Ganz- who received worldwide praise for his chilling portrayal of Hitler in 2004 film ` Downfall` - has been roped in to portray Pope in a Ridley Scott -directed television drama.

Kasabian won`t make classic albums forever

Kasabian feels they will not be able to make classic albums forever as everyone at some point faces downfall.

Michael Lohan blames himself for Lindsay`s downfall

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael has admitted he is "100 per cent" responsible for his daughter`s personal crises.