Asian Games: Dragonfly robs Kuwait shooter of gold
Asian Games: Dragonfly robs Kuwait shooter of gold

A dragonfly twice danced on the shotgun of Olympic shooting medalist Fehaid al-Deehani as he was about to fire gold medal shots at the Asian Games and the Kuwaiti shooter believes he was robbed.

13 new species of dragonfly identified in Goa

Thirteen new species of dragonfly have been identified in Goa, taking the total number of species to 87 in the state.

Food in the sky? Highrise farming idea gains ground

Imagine stepping out of your highrise apartment into a sunny, plant-lined corridor, biting into an apple grown in the orchard on the fourth floor as you bid "good morning" to the farmer off to milk his cows on the fifth.

Dragonfly-like lenses brings Harry Potter`s invisibility cloak closer to reality

Researchers have developed liquid crystal flowers, which resemble Dragonfly`s eyes and can be used as complex lenses, with the help of sand grains.

Three dragonfly species discovered in China

Scientists have discovered three dragonfly species, indigenous to China, inhabiting the Shennongjia nature reserve, a researcher said Friday.

Researches discover new species of dragonfly in Goa

Researchers have discovered a new species of dragonfly from a wildlife sanctuary in Goa.