Blake Lively dreams of attending Harvard Business School
Blake Lively dreams of attending Harvard Business School

Blake Lively has already made her mark as both an actress and a lifestyle maven, but now she hopes to attend Harvard Business School someday.

Brain different in lucid dreamers: Study

The brain area which enables self-reflection is larger in lucid dreamers, a new study suggests.

Decoded: How some people control dreams
Decoded: How some people control dreams

 Researchers have discovered that the brain area which enables self-reflection is larger in lucid dreamers.

Figment of Imagination, a lucid dream, or thin air, what are we?

In the deepest realms of my artistry, imagery and perceptibility a bare void reaches out to me asking to be named, defined, reasoned and heard. Homo Sapiens are probably Earth's proud race in the galaxy, with 'beauty' and 'brains' unmatched in the entire universe.

Yuvraj Singh still hopeful of comeback into Indian team
Yuvraj Singh still hopeful of comeback into Indian team

Despite not having played international cricket for quite some time, star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh is still harbouring dreams of playing for India.

Kravitz dreams of Jennifer Lawrence

Actor Lenny Kravitz says he often dreams about his 'The Hunger Games' co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

Michael visits me in my dreams: Joe Jackson

Michael Jackson`s father Joe has marked the fifth anniversary of the King of Pop`s death by revealing his son still visits him in his dreams.

Now, smartphone app to create the perfect dream

A smartphone app makes it possible for people to create their perfect dream and so wake up feeling especially happy and refreshed, scientists say.

Beyonce Knowles collaborates with producer Boots

Pop star Beyonce Knowles has lent her vocals to producer Boots` new song, `Dreams`.

Why some people remember dreams decoded!

Scientists have found that an information-processing hub in the brain is more active in people who can remember their dreams.

Soon, a headband to give your dreams wings

What if you could transform that frightening nightmare into a jacuzzi bath at a five-star hotel or scuba diving in Egyptian red sea? Possible.

Parents push children to fulfill own thwarted dreams

Parents are pushy and scream from the sidelines or hover backstage because they want their children to reach their own thwarted dreams, the first experiments on the long-held belief suggest.

Dreams may affect relationships

A new study has shown for the first time that our dreams have real consequences in our daytime interactions with our partners in the days that follow.

Researchers in Japan can now ‘read’ dreams using brain scans

Researchers in Japan have found a way to "read" dreams after using MRI scans to predict the images that people see when they enter into an early stage of sleep.

Acting out dreams may be early sign of dementia

Acting out dreams while sleeping may be an early sign of dementia in men, a new study has warned.

Dreams mimic racial encounters in real life

Racial makeup of dreams tends to match up with the proportion of different races people run into in their daily lives, a new study has found.

Brain scanner `reads` people`s dreams

The secret world of dreams could soon be cracked open, say scientists.

Raveena recalls Ash`s family dreams

Just like any woman, Aishwarya Rai, who is expecting her first child, too had dreamt of a happy family life with kids, recalls Raveena Tandon.

I sleep with full make-up for the men in my dreams: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has revealed that she doesn`t fully shed her outrageous makeup each night before bed.

Paris Hilton`s veterinarian dreams ruined by sex tape

Reality TV star Paris Hilton says that the sex tape, which catapulted her to fame, ruined her plans to become a veterinarian.