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Quitting alcohol easier than trying to control drinking

People who aim to quit drinking entirely are more likely to achieve this goal if they are treated by a care provider who advocates total abstinence, a new study suggests.

Neuronal switch that turns off compulsive drinking urge

Researchers have found that inactivating a network of alcohol-linked neurons can switch off the urge for compulsive drinking.

What makes some people binge drink while others stay sober! Read inside

What makes some people binge drink while others stay sober! Read inside

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that strongly influences whether or not someone is likely to drink a lot of alcohol.

Six ways alcohol affects your health!

 Drinking too much alcohol can lead to fatty liver, hepatitis and 'scarring' of the liver.

Heavy drinking may lead to breathing problems

In the study, adults who drink excessively were found to have less nitric oxide in their exhaled breath than adults who do not drink. 

Shocking! Delhi boys start drinking at 13, reveals survey

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Watch: Let that caffeine kick in with your daily dose of health benefits!

Even though the caffeine in coffee is a drug, but if taken in moderation, that is 3-5 cups per day, it apparently has major health benefits, according to studies.

Beware! Binge drinking can kill you in sleep

Overdose of alcohol can occur when a person has blood alcohol content (BAC) sufficient to produce impairments that increase the risk of harm.

Heart attack, stroke risk doubles after drinking alcohol

Heart attack, stroke risk doubles after drinking alcohol Moderate consumption of alcohol may double the risk of heart attack and stroke in the hour after drinking, a new study has warned.

Irish kids having more sex, eating less sweets

A survey of more than 13,500 Irish children, aged eight to 17, found a drop in reported levels of smoking and drunkenness, but an increase in the number of older children who say they've had sex.

Make this a “happy” new year; avoid hangovers!

All you have to do is follow these tips to avoid a hangover this new year's eve

Gymming may be turning you into a boozer

Researchers found people wanted to extend the feel-good feeling of exercise.

Text messages can curb binge drinking in teenagers

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine-led trial has showed that a text message programme can significantly cut binge drinking episodes in teenagers.

Why hangovers get worse as we grow older

Hangover or veisalgia is usually experienced after an alcoholic over-indulgence.  

E-cigarette use can lead to problematic drinking

The study based on a survey of around 1400 people, also found that more women than men use e-cigarettes socially -- just opposite to the patterns seen in regular cigarette smoking.

Alcohol found to increase risk of breast cancer

A new study involving more than 300,000 female volunteers confirms a link between alcohol intake and breast cancer.

Excessive alcohol use draining US economy: Study

 Excessive drinking cost the US $249 billion in 2010, or $2.05 per drink, a significant increase from $223.5 billion, or $1.90 per drink, in 2006, says a new study.

How binge drinking leads to alcohol addiction

 A malfunctioning enzyme may be behind why people who love to binge drink on weekends or at parties are at a higher risk of alcohol addiction, scientists from Stanford University reported.

Quit smoking to stay sober

 If you are trying to stop drinking, giving up cigarettes would help you stay sober, suggests new research.

Lower drinking age linked to high school dropout rate

Amidst the calls to lower the legal age for drinking -- including in India where the permissible age is 25 -- a new study said the move could lead to high school dropout rates.