Finger-swipe car display for safe driving

What if you do not need to move your eyes as you drive yet get all the information about where you are headed or even take a call just by gestures?

Finger-swipe car display for safe driving

What if you do not need to move your eyes as you drive yet get all the information about where you are headed or even take a call just by gestures?

`Smart` car seats alert sleepy drivers

The dangers of falling asleep while driving may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to new smart car seats which can detect when a driver is beginning to nod off and alert them.

Night owls are bad drivers in morning: Study

A new study has revealed that people, who are more active through the night time, are bad at driving during early mornings.

Device that warns drivers from using mobiles while driving developed

With studies proving that use of cell phones while driving plays a major contributing factor in growing number of mishaps, a device that is said to check such accidents and warn drivers from using mobile phone while at the wheel has been developed by engineers of institutes here.

Parents on cell phone while driving dangerous for kids

Do you often use your cell phone while driving? You are actually putting your kids at risk.

Loud talking, not texting, likely to cause distracted driving

It is not texting and driving but loud conversations and horseplay between passengers that are more likely to result in a dangerous incident when teens are behind the wheel, according to a new study.

Revealed: What distracts your brain while driving

At a time when technology-driven, fast-paced life has left many of us suffering with distraction-related attentional deficits, two psychologists have made a discovery that could revolutionise doctors’ perception and treatment of attention-deficit disorders.

Driverless cars to make driving safer

New advances in safety technology could soon lead to full driverless capability for our cars.

New emotion detector can make driving safer

Scientists have developed a new device that can identify drivers` emotions using embedded cameras which film their faces to help make driving safer.

Now, charge electronic devices by merely walking or driving

A multi-university team of engineers has developed a new device that could be a promising solution for charging smartphone batteries on the go, without the need for an electrical cord.

Eva Mendes pulled over by police for using cell phone while driving

Eva Mendes was stopped by a police officer for allegedly using her mobile phone while driving.

Idris Elba began driving at 14

Actor Idris Elba says he was so obsessed with speed that he secretly bought and illegally drove a car when he was just 14 years old.

New battery design will one day help take electric cars on longer drives

Researchers have developed a new design for lithium-sulfur batteries that has been shown to significantly extend the technology`s lifespan, bringing it closer to commercial use.

Saudi women`s driving protest kicks off: Activists

A Saudi woman said she got behind the wheel and drove to the grocery store without being stopped or harassed by police, kicking off a campaign protesting the ban on women driving in the ultraconservative kingdom.

Saudi warns women against defying driving ban

Saudi Arabia on Thursday warned it will take measures against activists who go ahead with a planned weekend campaign to defy a ban on women drivers in the conservative Muslim kingdom.

Ed Sheeran, a confused driver

British singer Ed Sheeran has shared that he once had a bad driving experience.

Ethan Hawke is a scary driver: Selena Gomez

Singer-actress Selena Gomez got scared filming driving scenes with her co-star Ethan Hawke in new movie `Getaway`.

Driving in flip flops more dangerous than heels

Women put themselves at risk when they step into their car wearing flip flops, says a survey.

Talking on cellphone while driving not as dangerous as believed

It has been a widely believed that talking on a cellphone while driving can be dangerous and lead to more accidents.