Andhra Pradesh Police mulls use of drones to check red sanders smuggling

The Andhra Pradesh police is mulling the use of drone cameras for enhanced surveillance in Seshachalam forests of Chittoor-Kadapa-Nellore region in its bid to tighten the noose around red sanders smugglers.

UK fears drone terror strikes at landmark buildings

Alarmed by the proliferation of small drones, Britain's defence and security officials fear that terrorists could fly drones carrying bombs into landmark UK buildings.

Drone policing in US seen as `Wild West`

Drones are increasingly making their mark in the arsenal of US police forces, operating in a legal gray area and sparking concerns of constant surveillance of civilians.

Pakistan's first indigenous drone kills 3 militants

 Pakistan for the first time on Monday used an indigenous drone to attack a terrorist compound in restive North Waziristan, killing at least three high-profile militants.

South Korea accuses North of flying drone across border

South Korea Wednesday accused North Korea of flying a suspected spy drone across the border during talks last week aimed at ending a military standoff that had pushed the neighbours to the brink of an armed clash.

US launches secret drone campaign against ISIS in Syria

The US has launched a separate and secret drone campaign managed jointly by the CIA and Special Operation Forces in Syria to target the leaders of the dreaded ISIS in Syria, a media report has said.

Two men tried to fly drone to sneak in drugs and porn into US jail
Two men tried to fly drone to sneak in drugs and porn into US jail

In a unique case of drone-delivery bid of gun, drugs and porn into a jail, US officials in Maryland foiled an attempt by two men to sneak in contraband into a prison by flying drones into its premises.

Drone to track tigers and check encroachers in Sundarbans
Drone to track tigers and check encroachers in Sundarbans

To track the movement of tigers and encroachers in protected forest areas, a drone would soon be flying in the Sundarban delta.

DNA: Rahul Gandhi's cheat sheet for Parliament speech amuses social media

Students and faculty of IIT Mumbai develop autonomous underwater vehicle Matsya 

Drone drops drugs into jail yard in US, sparks fight among prisoners

Prison authorities in the US state of Ohio have seen drones hovering over jail yards before but the latest incident when it became a high-flying drug mule, wardens had to use pepper spray to tackle inmates who clashed for a packet dropped by the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Every home will have a drone soon: Indian-origin scientist

The current craze of grabbing the latest mobile phone may soon be replaced by a desire to own a drone, according to Indian-origin scientist Parimal Kopadekar from NASA.

Two airliners fly within 100 feet of drone above New York

Two airplanes flying near one of America's busiest airports each came within 100 feet of a drone on Friday, according to audio from each flight's radio calls.

Mumbai firm rubbishes Pak Army's claims on drone

A city-based communication and electronic firm has rebutted Pakistan Army's contention that it had sold the drone to Indian Army, which was subsequently shot down along the Line of Control on July 15.

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Muzaffarnagar Police uses drone to nab thief

The police in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district made use of drone to nab a thief accused of looting a trader.

A gang of five robbers were on the run after looting Rs. six lakhs from an animal trader.

Drone shot down by Pak at LoC not sold to any govt: China firm

 The Chinese firm, which reportedly manufactured the drone downed by Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC), said the unmanned aircraft was not sold to any government, reinforcing India's stand that it was not in its armed forces' inventory.

Gun-firing `drone` built by US teen under investigation

 The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday it was investigating an online video that shows an alleged home-made "drone" firing a handgun in the Connecticut countryside.

NASA-assisted drone delivers drugs to remote clinic
NASA-assisted drone delivers drugs to remote clinic

NASA has assisted a drone to successfully deliver pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to patients in an outdoor free clinic in Virginia.

DNA: Analysis of spy drone, ceasefire violations by Pakistan

A high-level meeting over drone row and repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan, which was attended by top NDA ministers, ended with the government reportedly finalising a strategy to counter the hostile neighbouring nation.