Saudi Arabia beheads Pakistani drug trafficker in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia on Thursday beheaded a convicted Pakistani drug trafficker, adding to what a United Nations rapporteur called a "very disturbing" surge in the kingdom`s use of the death penalty.

Saudi beheads Syrian drug trafficker

Saudi Arabia on Thursday beheaded a Syrian man for drug trafficking, the interior ministry said, in the kingdom`s 56th execution this year.

Saudi beheads drug smuggler in 66th execution of year

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday beheaded a convicted drug trafficker, the interior ministry announced, bringing to 66 the number of executions this year despite international concerns.

`12 Years` star Chiwetel Ejiofor to play drug trafficker

Chiwetel Ejiofer, the Oscar-nominated star of `12 Years A Slave`, is all set to play a convicted British drug trafficker in a movie.

Indian-origin on death row in Singapore gets life sentence

Dinesh Pillai Reja Retnam, 31, was re-sentenced to life term in jail as his case became an exception under the revised Misuse of Drugs Act, which had previously carried a mandatory death sentence.

Saudi Arabia beheads Pakistani drug trafficker

Saudi authorities beheaded a Pakistani man today in the eastern Qatif province after he was convicted of drug trafficking in the kingdom, the interior ministry announced.

Mexico detains key leader in Gulf Cartel

The officer, who was not authorised to speak to the press, would not name the person arrested but said he is being transported to Mexico City.

US names senior Taliban leader as drug trafficker

The US government has added a top Taliban commander in Afghanistan to its list of drug trafficking "Kingpins".

Pak drug trafficker extradited to US

An alleged international drug trafficker who sourced his illegal drugs mostly from Pak, India and China has been extradited from the Czech Republic

Mexico arrests trafficker accused of 600 killings

The Hand with Eyes is one of the groups blamed for bringing the drug violence to Mexico City.

Nigerian drug trafficker dies on board flight

A Nigerian drug trafficker has died on
board an aircraft enroute to Malaysia.

US captures major Guatemalan drug trafficker

US pitches in to help curb drug cartels` expanding reach in Central America.

Mexico nabs drug trafficker poised to replace capo

Police say "The Tiger" used to ship a half-ton of drugs to the US each month.

Iran hangs convicted drug trafficker: Report

Iran has hanged a convicted drug
trafficker in the southern city of Kerman, a newspaper
reported on Sunday.