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New energy device may power life on Mars

New energy device may power life on Mars

A new type of engine that harvests energy from carbon dioxide could power life on Mars, scientists say.

Man faces jail over US airport ice bomb `pranks`

A man was charged with planting at least two "dry ice" bombs at the main Los Angeles airport, and could face up to six years in jail, police said.

Second dry ice explosion in bathroom at LA Airport within two days

A day after a dry ice bomb in a bathroom at Los Angeles International Airport delayed four flights, another similar explosion was reported to have taken place at the airport`s Tom Bradley international Terminal on Monday.

Seasonal thawing of dry ice `causing changes to Martian surface`

Researchers using NASA`s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter see seasonal changes on far-northern Martian sand dunes caused by warming of a winter blanket of frozen carbon dioxide.