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Former Khmer Rouge prison chief seeks acquittal

Cambodia`s war crimes court will hear appeals next week in the case of Duch.

Prosecutors appeal verdict of Khmer Rouge torturer

Kaing Guek Eav is the first Khmer Rouge commander to face a UN-backed trial.

Khmer Rouge prison chief a scapegoat: Lawyers

Closing arguments were expected to conclude on Friday in the genocide trial of a Khmer Rouge prison chief.

Khmer Rouge torturer had to "kill or be killed"

The Khmer Rouge`s chief torturer and jailer had to "kill or be killed" and operate like an "obedient machine”, his lawyer said on Thursday in defending the first member of Cambodia`s murderous regime to face justice.

Khmer Rouge trial prosecutors seek long jail term for Duch

Prosecutors called Tuesday for the former Khmer Rouge prison chief to receive a long jail term for his role in the "Killing Fields" atrocities as they delivered final arguments in his trial.

Cambodia begins final arguments in Khmer Rouge jail chief trial

Cambodia`s Khmer Rouge war crimes court on Monday began final arguments in its first trial, bringing the regime`s prison chief closer to justice for the "Killing Fields" atrocities 30 years ago.

Testimony ends at Khmer Rouge jail chief trial

Cambodia`s UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal on Thursday wrapped up the presentation of evidence in the trial of the man accused of running the regime`s most notorious prison.