India to be hit by collapse of carbon trading mkt

The carbon trading market may be headed for a crash if negotiations at the climate change conference are any indication, according to experts.

"Big Three" polluters oppose binding climate deal

The world`s three biggest polluters China, the United States and India refused to move toward a new legal commitment to curb their carbon emissions Tuesday.

BASIC pushes for Kyoto Protocol`s extension

The BASIC Tuesday presented a unified stand, saying a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol beyond its expiry date next year is a "must".

`Binding, voluntary cuts must for climate deal`

UNEP has said Voluntary measures by countries and legally binding emission cuts are to condition each other and should not be put into competition against each other.

`Equity central to global deal on climate change`

India is open to discussion on a new legally binding climate change treaty but the principle of equity -- the right of developing nations -- should be central to it.

Financing battle emerges at climate change talks

International climate negotiators were at odds Tuesday on how to raise billions of dollars to help poor countries cope with global warming.

Heat but no light likely at Durban climate talks

The stage is set for the annual UN summit on climate change starting Monday at Durban in South Africa.