Millions of young stars in nearby galaxy found
Millions of young stars in nearby galaxy found

 An international team of astronomers has discovered over a million young stars that are forming in a hot, dusty cloud of molecular gases in a tiny galaxy near our own Milky Way.

Milky Way's new tiny, isolated dwarf neighbour galaxy found
Milky Way's new tiny, isolated dwarf neighbour galaxy found

Astronomers have recently spotted a new neighbor for Milky Way galaxy, a tiny and isolated dwarf galaxy almost 7 million light years away

How bigger galaxies eat smaller ones

Astronomers studying the feeding habits of a cosmic cannibal have found how bigger galaxies absorb smaller ones.

Full dark-matter jacket helped failed dwarf galaxy survive galactic collision

Researchers have said that like a bullet wrapped in a full metal jacket, a high-velocity hydrogen cloud hurtling toward the Milky Way appears to be encased in a shell of dark matter.

Dwarf galaxies could help reveal supermassive black holes` origin

Astronomers have discovered more than 100 small, dwarf galaxies with characteristics indicating that they harbor massive black holes feeding on surrounding gas; this could help resolve the question as to how black holes originated and grew in the early universe.

Dwarf galaxy found crashing into a large spiral

NASA`s Chandra X-ray Observatory has found a massive cloud of multimillion-degree gas in a galaxy about 60 million light-years from Earth.

Size, weight of Universe`s most lightweight dwarf determined

UC Irvine scientists have measured the least massive galaxy in the known universe, clocking in at just 1,000 or so stars with a bit of dark matter holding them together.

Nearby dwarf galaxy and possible protogalaxy discovered

Astronomers have discovered a faint dwarf galaxy and another possible young dwarf caught before it had a chance to form any stars.

A rare black hole that survived galaxy destruction

Astronomers have spotted a rare mid-weight black hole some 290 million light-years from Earth.

Hubble telescope spots dwarf galaxies

NASA`s powerful Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a number of young dwarf galaxies brimming with star formation.