`Dwarf planet` in deep space has water

Ceres, a tiny planet in the asteroid belt, spouts water vapour, a finding that strengthens theories that life on Earth was kick-started by a bombardment of space rocks, scientists said today.

Scientists discover dwarf planet with no atmosphere

Astronomers have discovered that a distant dwarf planet, about two thirds the size of Pluto, lacks atmosphere.

NASA`s Dawn spacecraft to leave giant asteroid Vesta for dwarf planet

NASA`s Dawn spacecraft is set to become the first probe to orbit and study two distant solar system destinations.

Astronomers find ice, methane on dwarf planet

‘Snow White’ - which was discovered in 2007 orbits the Sun at the edge of the solar system.

Jupiter moon scanned by astronomers` prowess

Astronomers Wednesday described a dwarf planet orbiting in the far, frozen reaches of the Solar System and unveiled a geological map of Ganymede, an icy
satellite of Jupiter.