Word sounds help treat reading disorders

In a finding that may help improve treatment and diagnosis of common reading disorders like dyslexia, a study suggests that phonics should not be overlooked in favour of a whole-language technique that focuses on visually memorising word patterns.

I struggled with dyslexia: Jennifer Aniston
I struggled with dyslexia: Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed she battled with dyslexia, a developmental reading disorder, during her childhood, which affected her education.

Jennifer Aniston reveals her struggle with dyslexia
Jennifer Aniston reveals her struggle with dyslexia

Actress Jennifer Aniston has spoken about her desire to start a family with fiance Justin Theroux and her struggle with dyslexia.

Smartphones may be causing 'netbrain'

About 11 per cent of British adults suffer from 'netbrain' - a disorder caused by overuse of the internet - and may show narcissism, distraction and fear of missing out, a new study has found.

Brain mapping can spot reading disorders

In what could help better diagnose reading disorders such as dyslexia, researchers have now mapped brain regions responsible for the affliction.

Brain myths hampering teaching worldwide: Study
Brain myths hampering teaching worldwide: Study

Myths about the brain are common among teachers worldwide and are hampering teaching, according to new research.

Soon, a novel way to spot dyslexia in kids!

Researchers have found a way that could predict the onset of dyslexia in young kids, giving clinicians a possible tool to spot children with learning disorder and other reading difficulties before they experience the challenges.

Action video games could help dyslexic people to read

A new study has revealed that action video games might improve literacy skills among those with dyslexia.

Autistic kids have trouble linking sights with sounds

A new study has revealed that children with autism spectrum disorders have trouble integrating simultaneous information from their eyes and their ears.

Faulty `brain wiring` may cause dyslexia

A new study has revealed that people with dyslexia are unable to read or spell properly because of communication problems in their brain.

Children with dyslexia face problems in school: Sally Gardner

British author Sally Gardner, whose recent novel explores dyslexia, says children with spelling disabilities face uniform problems across the world.

E-readers may make reading easier for dyslexics

Researchers have revealed that when e-readers are set up to display only a few words per line, some dyslexics are able to read more easily, quickly and with greater comprehension.

Brain scans may help diagnose dyslexia

Brain scans may help diagnose people with the common reading disorder dyslexia, a new study suggests.

Bombay HC comes to rescue of dyslexic girl in HSC admission

Ava Kaka`s online forms were being rejected by the online submission system as she had not appeared for the mandatory six subjects in her Class X exam.

Genetic variants behind dyslexia, language impairment found

Scientists have identified genetic variants that can predispose children to dyslexia and language impairment, a finding that increases the likelihood of earlier diagnosis and more effective interventions.

Dyslexia can be "fixed" using devices: Study

Scientists have found a mechanism using devices to "fix" the problem of dyslexia, a constellation of impairments unrelated to intelligence, hearing or vision that make reading a struggle.

Free gravity font helps dyslexics read online

A free-gravity font is what dyslexics - people with learning difficulty - need for reading online.

Cause of dyslexia may be different than previously known

New research has argued that dyslexia may result from impairment of a different linguistic system than previously thought.

Faulty signal processing in brain behind dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability where patients have difficulties reading and writing.

Brain scans spot early signs of dyslexia

Scientists now say, parents can identify the reading problem even before children start school.