`Mysterious space plane` speeding in low Earth orbit completes 500 days in space

A robotic space plane has been speeding in low Earth orbit, with some saying that it`s a weapon, while others claim it to be a data-gathering mission.

Changes in earth`s orbit blamed for Antarctic warming that ended last ice age

A US-led research team studying a new ice core from West Antarctica found that warming there was well under way 20,000 years ago.

When is the winter solstice?

The official onset of winter and the beginning of the end for long, dark nights in the northern hemisphere is marked by the winter solstice.

Russia is resigned to losing Mars moon probe

The unmanned $170 million Phobos-Ground was launched two weeks ago and reached preliminary Earth orbit.

Russia races to rescue Mars probe from Earth orbit

A Russian spacecraft on its way to Mars with 12 tons of toxic fuel is stuck circling the wrong planet: ours. And it could come crashing back to Earth in a couple of weeks if engineers can`t coax it back on track.

New US satellite to monitor debris in Earth orbit

A new US Air Force satellite will provide a full-time surveillance of thousands of pieces of debris circling the Earth.