The heights of fa(t)shion!

How do people even define the term 'fat'? Think about it. There are actually various versions of fat and all of them mixed up!  

Eating cooked carbs made humans smarter than others
Eating cooked carbs made humans smarter than others

Eating meat may have kick-started the evolution of bigger brains, but carbohydrate consumption, particularly in the form of cooked starchy foods together with evolution of genes that increased our ability to digest starch made us smarter.

Body-building supplements may trigger eating disorder

The widespread consumption of over-the-counter body-building supplements is emerging as an eating disorder.

Dining with a light eater makes you eat less: Study

People are more likely to eat less if their dining companion consumes only a small amount of food, due to a psychological effect, a new study has found.

Unlock the secrets to healthier eating

People eat more of healthier foods like fruits and vegetables when these items are visible and easy to reach, enticingly displayed and appear like an obvious choice.

Little voices inside your head telling you to 'eat or stop' aren't just voices: Study

 A new study has revealed that the voices inside people's head that tells them to eat or stop eating are actually a cluster of about 10,000 specialized brain cells.

Smaller plates, smaller portions? Not always

If you thought you can trick yourself into eating less if you use a smaller plate, you are wrong, warns a new study.

Emotions can dictate how you eat

A new book has observed that emotions can dictate how you eat and also demonstrates what kind of eater one is.

Stop munching on those midnight snacks if you want to lose weight

 If you want to lose weight, cutting down on late night snacking may be the best way to do it, scientists have claimed.

Eating at 'right' time key to healthy heart

A new study has revealed that eating at the right time is as important as what the person is eating in order to maintain a healthy heart.

How eating disorder affects you revealed

A new study has provided deep insight on anorexia nervosa i.e. eating disorders suggesting that the longer one suffers from active anorexia nervosa (AN), the more likely they are to show disorder-relevant alterations in DNA methylation.

Manthan: What to eat in Spring season?

With Spring season on the anvil, it's time to modify the eating habits for a healthy you in 2015.

Worst nightmare is witches eating my toes: Jason Segel
Worst nightmare is witches eating my toes: Jason Segel

'How I Met Your Mother' actor Jason Segel has revealed the most terrifying dream, which has haunted him since childhood, is seeing witches eating his toes.

Fabulous health benefits of seven seeds!

Every seed has something different to provide to the body- from pomegranate, hemp to chia. But it is important to know which ones deliver health benefits before choosing to have one.

Elderly enjoy new-age foods

If you consider elderly people to be traditional consumers, think twice as a new study reveals that there are more elderly people who are happy to accept new-age foods.

Difficult eaters may have underlying psychological issues

Parents, take note! Bullying can initiate or reinforce body image preoccupations and possibly lead to a change in eating behaviour in kids, a new study has warned.

Family meals can help fight obesity among teens

A new study has indicated that family meals, which tend to include fruits, vegetables, calcium, and whole grains, could help teens to stay away from obesity.

Saudi man punishes son for not eating by burning foot

A Saudi man punished his son for refusing to eat by burning his foot with a hot iron rod.

Eating addiction similar to gambling fixation

If you cannot resist overeating despite the obvious health risks, you may well be suffering from an eating addiction which, as a study shows, is a behavioural disorder and could be categorised alongside conditions such as gambling.

Now, 'train your brain' to favor low-calorie food

A new study had found that training your brain to low-calorie foods over unhealthy foods may just be possible.