Bangladeshi ship's oil spill threatens Sunderbans
Bangladeshi ship's oil spill threatens Sunderbans

The natural Sunderbans region of West Bengal is about to face an ecological nightmare after a 350-tonne oil spilled over an 80-sq-km area along the Sela river in Bangladesh. 

'Friendly' plants become more diverse: Study
'Friendly' plants become more diverse: Study

A study co-authored by Indian-origin scientist Anurag Agrawal has found that when plants develop mutually beneficial relationships with animals and insects, plant families become more diverse by evolving into more species over time.

Kolkata puja organizers join the chorus for saving ecology

Ecology is the dominant theme with the top notch puja organizers this time in the city, which is famed for turning the festival into a veritable art exposition.

Coastal cities need to plan for climate change
Coastal cities need to plan for climate change

Coastal cities in India need to plan and implement climate risk management strategies as an integral part of city development, experts said Friday.

India has the third largest ecological footprint: Report

After China and USA, India has the third largest ecological footprint in the world, according to a report released Tuesday.

`Protect trees for ecological balance& environmental security`

Welfare and Tourism Minister P Rajavelu today stressed the need to protect trees so that there could be ecological balance and environmental security.

NASA to study ocean ecology

In a bid to improve satellite-based estimation of atmospheric carbon dioxide absorption by the oceans, NASA is embarking on a coordinated ship and aircraft observation campaign off the Atlantic coast of the US this week.

UN calls for eco-awareness on World Oceans Day

The UN has urged the international community to commit itself to keeping the oceans healthy and productive for current and future generations.

Himachal voters want green justice

Voters of the remote but picturesque Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh want justice for the environment. They say upcoming projects in the state, mainly in the hydropower sector, are not only threatening to displace them but will also affect the ecology.

Kerala rules out compromise on Western Ghats report

With the Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats conservation becoming a poll issue in the state, the Congress-led UDF government today demanded that the state`s suggestions for changes in the report should be accepted by the Centre.

Stable population only hope in species` response to climate change

The climate in the UK has warmed over the last forty years, and many species, including butterflies, have shifted their distributions northwards, a new study has found.

Guard dogs reduce killing of threatened species

Guarding dogs can significantly reduce conflict between livestock and large carnivores, such as cheetahs or leopards, scientists have found.

All-party meet to discuss Kasturirangan report: Chandy

A report reflecting the concerns of people about the fallout of the implementation of recommendations of the Kasturirgangan committee on the ecology of the Western Ghats shall be submitted to the Centre, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said Wednesday.

Botany: AIPMT’14

Lay emphasis on topics covering plant physiology, genetics, ecology, among others for better results, says Aakash Chaudhry.

Ants more closely related to bees than most wasps

Ants and bees are surprisingly more genetically related to each other than they are to social wasps such as yellow jackets and paper wasps, scientists have discovered.

Karnataka to implement Rs 1900-cr forest project

The Karnataka government will implement the second phase of the Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation Project, aimed at expanding forests, over the next eight years.

Answer our queries or face harsh orders: NGT to Uttarakhand

The tribunal, while listing the matter for further hearing on October 11, said, "We do not like to adjourn, but we are doing it for second time on your request."

New technique to track algae developed

Scientists have developed a new technique to detect and monitor algae in aquatic systems.

Wind projects can adversely impact environment: CSE report

Noting that forest land was being acquired by the wind power industry on a larger scale, an environment report has warned that this could have an adverse impact on the local ecology.

Plants `speak` to each other

Plants appear to help each other grow with soothing microscopic sounds, a new study has found.