Gwyneth Paltrow`s Glee musical number `Party All The Time` released

Gwyneth Paltrow`s musical number `Party All The Time` for the hit series Glee has been released.

Eddie Murphy`s daughters strip down for photoshoot

Eddie Murphy`s daughters with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell showed off their svelte figures while posing for a lingerie photoshoot by photographer Dimitri Ray.

Eddie Murphy`s new album includes weed and strip club anthems

Eddie Murphy has recorded a new album which features a strip club anthem and added an ode to marijuana in his musical comeback.

Eddie Murphy set to return in `Beverly Hills Cop 4`

Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his role as Axel Foley in the new `Beverly Hills Cop` movie.

Eddie Murphy to reprise role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop TV series

Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his Beverly Hills Cop film character Axel Foley - this time for a TV series.

Eddie Murphy named most overpaid actor

Eddie Murphy, who was once among Hollywood’s top box office draws, now has the dubious honour of being crowned its most overpaid actor.

Eddie Murphy reprising Beverly Hills cop role on TV

Eddie Murphy is set to return as Axel Foley in a television version of the iconic 80s movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’

Eddie Murphy plans `Beverly Hills Cop` TV show

Actor Eddie Murphy is in talks to make a `Beverly Hills Cop` TV show and may also star in it.

Eddie Murphy plans `Beverly Hills Cop` TV show

Actor Eddie Murphy is in talks to make a `Beverly Hills Cop` TV show and may also star in it.

Schwarzenegger, DeVito return for `Twins` sequel

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are planning to reteam for a possible sequel to their 1988 hit ‘Twins’ with Eddie Murphy joining as the third brother.

Eddie Murphy’s bro debunks death hoax

Eddie Murphy’s brother has lashed out at rumours doing the rounds on the Internet that the comedian had passed away in a car accident.

Billy Crystal back as 2012 Oscars host after Eddie Murphy’s departure

Funnyman Billy Crystal has been brought back to host the Oscars next year after Eddie Murphy departed as the show’s host.

Eddie Murphy steps down as Oscar host

Eddie Murphy, who was set to host the 84th Oscar awards ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in Beverly Hills Feb 26 next year, has stepped down as the host.

Eddie Murphy too lazy to do stand-up comedy

Eddie Murphy says he is hesitant to make his stand-up comedy comeback because preparing a brand new act for the stage is time-consuming.

Eddie Murphy denies owning an island

Eddie Murphy has laughed off reports saying that he has bought an island in the Bahamas.

Eddie Murphy avoids consuming alcohol

Eddie Murphy has revealed he hasn`t had any alcohol since his honeymoon with former wife Nicole Mitchell 18 years ago because it makes him nauseous.

Eddie Murphy plans ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV series

Actor Eddie Murphy is planning to make a TV series about his ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ character Axel Foley’s son.

Confirmed: ‘Comedic genius’ Eddie Murphy to host 2012 Oscars

It’s official. Eddie Murphy will host the 84th Academy Awards ceremony in 2012.

Eddie Murphy to host Oscars?

Oscar producer Brett Ratner has reportedly suggested actor Eddie Murphy`s name to host the ceremony next year.

Eddie Murphy wins award for donkey role in `Shrek`

Eddie Murphy celebrated his birthday by winning a trophy at the Kids Choice award for his animated character in the `Shrek` series.