Hosni Mubarak`s party leaders can run for elections in Egypt

An Egyptian appeals court ruled on Monday that leaders of the former ruling party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak will not be barred from running for elections.

Egypt court rules against religious slogans

Egypt`s Supreme Constitutional Court has ruled against parts of an election law approved by the Islamist-led legislature that had lifted a long-standing ban on the use of religious slogans during campaigning.

Minor violations in Egypt`s vote: Jimmy Carter

Carter said the irregularities won`t impact the final results.

‘Egypt`s Islamists dominate run-off elections’

Egyptian Islamist parties dominated the runoff for the second round of the
three-stage Parl polls to put in place a civilian leadership.

Islamists seek to extend gains in Egypt run-off vote

The Muslim Brotherhood`s party will seek to extend a lead over hardline Islamists in run-offs in Egypt`s parliamentary vote on Monday.

Egypt election results delayed

Judges supervising the vote say near-final results show the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood taking up to 45 percent of the contested seats.