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Egypt protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood offices

Reacting to the decree which provides Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi with dictatorial powers, protesters attacked Muslim Brotherhood offices.

2 policemen cleared of killing Egypt protesters

An Egyptian court has cleared two policemen of killing protesters during last year`s uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt: 4 top police cleared of killing protesters

A Cairo court found four senior policemen not guilty of killing protesters during last year`s popular uprising.

Egypt protesters mass for demonstrations

Protesters promise to expand their push to drive the Egyptian President out.

Egypt: Protesters defy Suleiman`s warnings, strikes erupt

Vice Prez Omar Suleiman said there could be a "coup" unless demonstrators agree to enter negotiations.

Egypt opposition calls for 1 million on streets

Egyptian protesters are determined to topple Hosni Mubarak`s creaking regime.