DR Congo adopts new electoral law after protests

Parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo voted on Sunday in favour of a new election law after deadly protests erupted over opposition charges it would extend President Joseph Kabila`s term in office.

Narendra Modi has not violated any election law: BJP

BJP came out strongly in defence of Narendra Modi claiming he had not violated the electoral laws as he was beyond the prohibited 100 metres of the polling booth when he spoke to the media.

Afghan legislators approve new election law

Afghan legislators today approved a law to govern next year`s presidential and provincial council elections, a key step toward conducting the polls.

Obama slams Supreme Court voting decision

US President Barack Obama said he was "deeply disappointed" by a Supreme Court decision to strike down a key section of an election law designed to guard against racial discrimination.

Kuwait court rejects challenge over election law

A Kuwait court has rejected a government challenge to the Gulf nation`s election law in an apparent boost for opposition groups led by Islamists.

Libyan parties reject draft election law

The draft law, published by the NTC on January 2, will set the rules of a vote for the national assembly in June.

Jordan PM promises election law this year

Marouf al-Bakhit needs time for a public dialogue about new legislation.

Myanmar provides details of first election law

Myanmar`s ruling junta will appoint the commission that will have final say over the country`s first elections in two decades.

Iraq`s Sunni VP rejects parts of election law

Iraq`s Sunni Arab Vice President on Wednesday vetoed part of a key election law, throwing national polls slated for January and a planned US troop drawdown into question.

Iraqi Parliament passes key election law

Iraqi MPs on Sunday approved a law to govern the country`s general election due in early 2010, paving the way to agree a date for the vote, said the Parliament`s Vice President.