Electric atmosphere as Monaco hosts `e-Prix`
Electric atmosphere as Monaco hosts `e-Prix`

An electric atmosphere awaits Monaco`s first "ePrix" on Saturday as Europe gets set to discover the inaugural series which started in Beijing in September.

Mitigating electric car 'range anxiety'

The one thing that is always on the mind of drivers while buying a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is the range of the vehicle.

Efficiency of electric cars depends on weather

If you are mulling buying an electric car to cut on travelling costs and save the planet, consider the factor of geography with new research pointing to regional energy sources and climate greatly affecting emissions and driving range.

Australian electric car sets new world speed record

An electric car made by Australian engineering students has reached a record speed of 106.9 km per hour (kph) over a distance of 500 km, becoming the fastest car of its type in the world, academic sources reported Tuesday.

Electric car traverses America in just 76 hours

American motor company Tesla has supposedly set a new world record for the least amount of charging time for an electric car crossing the country in 76 hours.

Anne Hathaway imports electric car for hubby Adam Shulman

Anne Hathaway has imported a new eco-friendly electric BMW i3 for her husband, Adam Shulman, from Europe for Christmas.

Now, electric cars that touch 0 to 60 mph faster than petrol-powered ones!

Electric cars are capable of leaving race cars in the dust as it can zip from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

World`s 1st solar-powered family car unveiled

A team of Dutch engineers have built the first ever solar powered `family car` that has the potential to travel twice as far as your typical electric car.

Electric car aims to crack 700km/h speed record

Come August, and the new poster car for the electric vehicle Venturi VBB-3 will take to the famous Bonneville salt flats, with the aim of shattering its own record.

Electric car revolution faces increasing headwinds

The unrelenting bad news has led to questions about the readiness of electric cars and raises fresh doubts about a technology that has around since the late 1890s but still struggling to win over the public.

`Electric cars cause more pollution than petrol ones`

Researchers Chris Cherry and Shuguang Ji analysed the emissions and environmental health impacts of five vehicle technologies.

China opens largest electric car-charging station

China`s largest EV charging and battery swapping station has been put into operation in Beijing.

Farooq showcases electric car at PMO

A electric-powered car was
the cynosure of all eyes at the Prime Minister`s Office where ministers had come for a meeting of the
Union Cabinet.

Electric cars take off in Norway

They speed past gas guzzlers in traffic, ignore congestion charges, get city centre parking for free.

An electric car that beats traffic congestion and parks itself!

Scientists have designed an electric car that beats traffic congestion and parks itself.

Ford unveils its first all-electric car

Focus is expected to get up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Electric car runs over 1,000 km without recharge

A Tokyo civic group has succeeded in getting an electric car to run 1,003.184 km without a recharge.

Chinese electric car to enter US market by year-end

China`s BYD Auto Co have released an electric car it is to launch in the United States in 2010 as the first Chinese maker to enter the U S electric car market.

Tata Motors gets Rs 78 cr loan from UK govt for electric car

Auto major Tata Motors on Friday said its wholly-owned European subsidiary, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, has got a loan of 10 million pounds (Rs 78 crore) from the UK government for its Rs 195 crore electric car project.

Nissan unveils `Leaf` electric car

Nissan unveiled on Sunday its first all electric car, the Leaf, vowing to open a new chapter for the troubled auto industry and take a lead over its bigger rivals in zero emission vehicles.