China to reduce taxes on green cars and ships

China will cut tax on environment-friendly cars and ships, as part of an initiative to save energy, reduce pollution and encourage sustainable transport, state-run newspaper China Daily reported on Tuesday.

Goodyear unveils new concept tire that powers electric cars

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has unveiled a new concept tire that can change the heat that it mounts up into energy that can help power an electric car.

Coal-powered electric cars worse for public health than gasoline counterparts
Coal-powered electric cars worse for public health than gasoline counterparts

A new study has found that driving vehicles that use electricity made from clean, renewable energy instead of gasoline can actually push down death rates due to air pollution by as much as 70 percent.

New battery could be game-changer for electric cars
New battery could be game-changer for electric cars

A new lithium battery that could triple the driving range of an electric vehicle and significantly lower its maintenance costs is all set for mass production within a year.

Switch out and recharge battery in electric cars!
Switch out and recharge battery in electric cars!

Imagine being able to switch out and recharge the batteries in electric cars just like you do in a flashlight?

New battery design will one day help take electric cars on longer drives

Researchers have developed a new design for lithium-sulfur batteries that has been shown to significantly extend the technology`s lifespan, bringing it closer to commercial use.

Mahindra to have a team in new Formula E series

After floating a team in the MotoGP series, Mahindra Racing will now have an Indian team racing in the inaugural FIA Formula E series, which will feature electric cars.

Soon, `self-healing` batteries that may never wear out

Researchers have created the first battery electrode that is capable of healing itself.

World`s fastest three-wheeled electric car at $65k

The TORQ Roadster from Epic EV proves that electric cars can have race car performance.

India least green country for electric cars: Report

India has been classified as the least green country to make and drive electric cars, according to a study.

Now, electric cars to be charged wirelessly

A Japanese car maker has started field trials with a wireless charging system, which allows electric cars to recharge their batteries through magnetic resonators buried in the road surface of a parking space.

Chinese automaker to develop electric car with US

One of China`s major privately owned automakers, Great Wall Motors, will work with a US company to develop electric vehicles.

Tweaking batteries for faster electric cars

Faster and more powerful electric cars may now be possible by tweaking capacitors.

`Electric cars can succeed in oil-rich states`

Electric cars can be successful in Gulf countries and other oil-rich states, claims CEO of Nissan.

Buzz builds around electric cars as Nissan plans debut

Japan`s auto giants are moving into high gear in a drive to mass-market electric cars.

Electric cars can`t save climate: Experts

The hope that battery-operated cars can save the earth`s climate by reducing carbon emission is just a "fantasy".

Smaller, electric cars reign at Detroit auto show

Electric, hybrid and small cars will grab centre stage at the Detroit auto show this week, as the industry adapts to a world reshaped by the Great Recession and environmental worries.

Reva scouts for partners to make electric cars in US, Europe

Bangalore-based Reva Electric Car
Company today said it is scouting for partners in the US and
Europe for setting manufacturing bases.

Reva to roll out two new electric cars soon

The maker of India`s sole battery-run car, Reva Electric Car Co., is setting up a second plant in the country`s tech hub to roll out two new models next year for domestic and export markets, a top company official has said.

New system to help hybrid and electric cars keep their cool

Researchers at Purdue University have created a new system to cool high-power electronics in electric and hybrid cars, aircraft, computers and other devices.