Elementary particles

Harsh Vardhan launches award in honour of physicist M.G.K. Menon

 Union Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday launched the first lecture award in honour of renowned physicist M.G.K. Menon.

Aug 28, 2015, 21:30 PM IST

Higgs particle can disintegrate into dark matter?

The Higgs particle can disintegrate into particles of dark matter, according to new model that is being tested at the particle physics laboratory CERN.

Feb 27, 2015, 17:32 PM IST

Higgs boson can explain earliest expansion of the Universe

The Higgs boson, which provides mass to elementary particles, could also explain the expansion of the Universe in the moments after the Big Bang, scientists say.

Aug 18, 2014, 17:29 PM IST

Tiny particle may decide our universe`s fate

The universe may end in another 10 billion years or sooner if the heaviest of all the known elementary particles - the top quark - is even heavier than previously thought, scientists say.

Sep 15, 2013, 22:05 PM IST