Ariana Grande wanted to hurt me Justin Bieber's embrace, claims Big Sean
Ariana Grande wanted to hurt me Justin Bieber's embrace, claims Big Sean

 Big Sean has claimed that Ariana Grande used Justin Bieiber as a weapon, and staged the recent on stage embrace, to hurt him.

After Ukraine mediation, EU looks to embrace Lukashenko

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko`s hosting of Ukraine peace talks may have a side effect at home - helping thaw relations between the European Union and a man the West calls "Europe`s last dictator".

Mindy Kaling differentiates herself from TV character

Actress Mindy Kaling, who plays Mindy Lahiri in her own TV series `The Mindy Project`, says she is not drawing from experience when she writes about the various hookups her character has each week.

Mindy Kaling keen to wear sari

American actress Mindy Kaling, whose parents are from India, is planning to embrace her Indian heritage and wear sari at her next red carpet event. She feels the the outfit is "alluring without being too revealing".

Sienna Miller ready to embrace 30

Miller has revealed she can`t wait to put her 20`s behind her and embrace her 30s.

Embracing a `normal` day in Kashmir

Traffic jams have, ironically, come to spell a day of normalcy in the Kashmir Valley. They reflect the hustle-bustle of a people out to finish sundry tasks before the sun goes down, foretelling another separatist shutdown.

`Embracing Islam just to marry is anti-religion`

Islamic seminary
Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband has said conversion to Islam just for the
sake of marriage is against religion.