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Now, ambitious social status can drive down fertility

In today's world, most countries face the problem of social inequality that eventually increases the urge for a high social status making the status competition more intense.

How Zika virus causes fetal brain defects

This Florida State University study is the first major finding that shows that these critical cells are a target of the virus and also negatively affected by it.

YouTube helping experts learn surgical techniques

YouTube helping experts learn surgical techniques

The most popular ways to stay current with technical and non-technical findings included meetings, journals and discussions with colleagues.

Single drug dose can prevent early bone loss in HIV patients

The researchers assessed 343 individuals for eligibility, and 63 were selected and randomised to receive either ART and placebo, or ART and zoledronic acid.

Social rodents show empathy just like humans

Social rodents show empathy just like humans

Prairie voles are particularly social rodents, causing them to be the focus of many studies.

Stone tools existed 800,000 years earlier than thought

Stone tools existed 800,000 years earlier than thought

Marks on two 3.4 million-year-old animal bones found at an Ethiopian site were not caused by trampling but by tools made of stone.

Revealed! The age our earliest memories fade

When we turn seven, our earliest memories tend to fade into oblivion, a phenomenon known as `childhood amnesia`.

Blame your genes for forgetting familiar faces

A new study has suggested that the oxytocin receptor, a gene known to influence mother-infant bonding and pair bonding in monogamous species, also plays a special role in the ability to remember faces.

Mice can `warn` sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm

Lab mice trained to fear a particular smell can transfer the impulse to their unborn sons and grandsons through a mechanism in their sperm, a study said Sunday.

New treatment helps people with spine injuries walk better

Scientists have identified a new treatment that can help people with spinal cord injuries walk better.

Oldest bird tracks uncovered in Australia

Two thin-toed footprints pressed into a sandy riverbank more than 100 million years ago are Australia`s oldest known bird tracks, scientists say.

Will be pleased if female succeeds me: Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has alluded previously to the possibility of a woman eventually filling his role.

Srinivasa Ramanujan`s cryptic formula finally proved

Researchers have finally solved the 100-year-old cryptic deathbed puzzle that Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan had claimed came to him in dreams.

Ramanujan’s ‘genius’ finally proven by mathematician

A US scientist has finally proved an unproven mathematical relation - discussed by Srinivasa Ramanujan with his mentor in one of his last letters.

Sleep improves memory in Parkinson’s patients

Researchers have shown that people with Parkinson’s disease performed markedly better on a test of working memory after a night’s sleep, and sleep disorders can interfere with that benefit.