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King penguins keep a watch on predators while sleeping too!

King penguins keep a watch on predators while sleeping too!

King penguins, who are 70 to 100 cm tall and weigh 11 to 16 kilos , become exhausted after long diving sessions and sleep on the beach constantly keep an ear out for incoming threats from large predators like orcas and giant petrels. 

Penguin-bot to study flightless birds

 French researchers have developed a baby penguin robot to get up close and personal with penguins and study their behaviour.

Iconic Emperor penguins facing risk of extinction

Emperor penguins are in danger of dramatic declines by the end of the century due to climate change, says a study, suggesting the iconic animal "fully deserving of endangered status due to climate change".

`Cold coat` help Penguins keep warm in Antarctic

Emperor penguins keep their body`s surface temperature lower than the surrounding air -- in an unusual phenomenon termed as `cold coat` -- to cope with the harsh conditions of the Antarctic, scientists say.

Emperor penguins need sea ice to rest on

Researchers tracking the behaviour of emperor penguins have found fresh reason to be worried about global warming -- emperor penguins use sea ice to rest as they forage.

Scientists discover how emperor penguins rocket through sea

Emperor penguins rocket through water by releasing air from their feathers in the form of tiny bubbles, a new study has found.

Melting ice in Antarctica threatens Emperor penguins: Study

Rapid sea ice melting in Antarctica threatens the lives of Emperor penguins, and if global temperatures continue to rise, the largest sea birds may eventually disappear, a new study has claimed.

Emperor penguins count double from Space!

Scientists counting emperor penguins from space have found twice as many of the birds in Antarctica as expected.