Ireland`s Eamon Gilmore resigns as deputy prime minister

Ireland`s Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore Saturday submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Enda Kenny about two month after announcing his resignation as Labour Party leader following his party`s huge losses at the local and European elections.

Irish examining possibility of other mass baby graves

Irish officials will investigate whether the mass grave for almost 800 babies discovered near a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns is an isolated case, Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said.

Ireland rejects PM`s plan to scrap senate

Ireland`s Prime Minister Enda Kenny vowed to push forward with reform of the upper house of parliament after voters rejected his plan to abolish the senate to save the bailed-out eurozone nation money.

Abortion activists sent letters in blood to Irish PM

Ireland`s Prime Minister says anti-abortion activists have sent threatening packages and letters branding him a murderer, some written in blood.

Govt to act on people`s wishes: Irish PM on abortion bill

Dismissing concerns expressed by Ireland`s Roman Catholic leaders over a new abortion bill, Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said that it is the government`s responsibility to legislate according to people`s wishes.

Will not be rushed by pressures: Irish PM on abortion rights

With an Indian dentist`s tragic death igniting protests over right to abortion in Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said he is awaiting a report by an expert group on the issue but will not be rushed into an immediate decision.

PM appeals to Ireland to vote yes to EU treaty

Ireland`s current EU-IMF loans are due to run out by next year, and treaty specifies that only ratified members could access future EU loans.

Obama congratulates new Irish PM

The two men planned to meet at the White House on St Patrick`s Day next week.

New Irish PM takes the reins as head of coalition

Enda Kenny said 10 lawmakers from Fine Gael party would be in cabinet.

Talks to form new Irish government to start on Monday

Ireland`s Fine Gael party emerges as the biggest party in historic elections.