New hardware to boost efficiency of Internet devices
New hardware to boost efficiency of Internet devices

 Researchers are working on a new hardware that could improve the efficiency of Internet connected devices.

Mathematical formula that leads to 20pc cuts in energy consumption in buildings developed

A team of researchers have devised a mathematical formula that detects unreliable systems and faulty equipment that affects energy consumption in buildings.

New solar cells could reduce cost of solar energy by 75%

A new solar technology developed by researchers at RTI International could make solar energy more affordable, and thus speed-up its market adoption.

PM for energy efficient power producing technology

India must achieve high economic growth for a "sustained period" if it is to meet the challenges of poverty, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Wednesday.

Set-top boxes major energy guzzler in US homes

There are 160 million set-top boxes in the United
States, and that number is rising.

World urged to use `Earth Hour` to protect planet

Millions of people are expected to switch off their lights today to mark "Earth Hour".

S Korea to build 14 new nuclear reactors by 2024

S Korea said it plans to
build 14 new reactors by 2024 to help meet growing energy needs.