New software predicts Superbugs' countermoves

A new software has predicted MRSA's response to new drug before it is tested on patients.

Viagra may protect your heart

An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart, a study has found.

Drug-resistant bacteria to be soon taken care of
Drug-resistant bacteria to be soon taken care of

In a major breakthrough, researchers have discovered how bacteria destroy antibiotics - a finding that will help develop drugs which can effectively tackle infections in the future.

Atomic map reveals how cholesterol is made
Atomic map reveals how cholesterol is made

By mapping the structure of a key enzyme involved in cholesterol production, researchers have gained new insights into genetic disorders as well as the possibility of new approaches to lowering blood cholesterol when it becomes dangerously high.

Protein 'map' opens avenues for new cancer drugs

Scientists have gained fresh insights into how a disease-causing enzyme makes changes to proteins and how it can be stopped.

Scientists discover enzyme that controls spreading of breast cancer

Researchers have recently found the enzyme that controls the metastasis of breast cancer.

Flu-fighting enzyme identified by scientists

Researchers have found a new enzyme, known as cIAP2, which helps the lungs fight against infection by giving them the ability to decrease flu-inflicted tissue injury.

New research may unlock enzyme`s role in various diseases

A researcher doing research on enzymes that regulate human biology has uncovered characteristics that could be used to identify predisposition to conditions such as heart disease, diabetic ulcers and some types of cancer.

Enzyme discovery may provide jet lag cure

The enzyme that manufactures melatonin - hormone which regulates the body`s internal clock - originated 500 million years ago, according to a new study which may hold clues to treating jet lag and `winter blues`.

Enzyme that produces melatonin originated 500 mn years ago

Scientists have traced the origin of the enzyme that manufactures melatonin - the hormone which regulates body`s internal clock - to roughly 500 million years ago.

Enzyme discovery to help develop efficient biofuels

In a breakthrough, scientists have discovered a family of enzymes that will help develop effective second generation biofuels to be used in vehicles.

New screening strategy introduced to develop possible drug candidates

Scientists have developed a new drug-discovery strategy, which will help them in rapidly selecting chemical compounds that will have a desired effect on cells.

New enzyme to fight Alzheimer`s disease identified

Researchers have identified an enzyme that could halt or possibly even reverse the build-up of toxic protein fragments known as plaques in the brains of mice with Alzheimer`s disease.

New drug target may nip cancer in the bud

Scientists have discovered a potential new drug target - an enzyme - which could help weed out the progression of deadly cancer.

Enzyme that may decide gender of child identified

Scientists have identified a key enzyme may decide the gender of child - and it works by `unravelling` DNA to trigger male development of the embryo.

Blocking enzyme can reduce tumour growth: Study

Knocking out a single enzyme dramatically cripples the ability of aggressive cancer cells to spread and grow tumours, scientists have found.

Blocking key enzyme could lead to new cancer therapy

Researchers have identified a key enzyme in cancer cells blocking which could lead to new treatments for the deadly disease.

Enzyme linked to heart disease could help treat asthma

An enzyme, which is known for its role in heart disease, could be a promising target to treat asthma, a new study suggests.

Brain damage in Alzheimer`s linked to overactivation of enzyme

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have unravelled one of the major toxic mechanisms of Alzheimer`s disease.

New booze-busting pill can sober you up in seconds

MIT scientists are working on a new alcohol-busting drug that could help boozers sober up in seconds.